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I'm Threeboy. I'm a graphic designer, cartoonist and indie comedian.
Thank you :)
Straight Lines Are For Wimps!
I don't use rulers and this particular strip really shows it.
Our new website in development will have all the pickup lines tagged for easy browsing ;)

We've actually been around for a while & we're uploading our older comics daily here.

We dropped that "men" gag later on ;)
Pretty much ;)
Thank you :)
If this comic seems dated, it's because it is - this particular comic was originally published published January 9, 2002!
Because we started in 2001, continued for a few years, and quit for a few years, then came back last year :p
Thanks ;)
Growing pains ;)
Fixed again!

Geesh. What up with SJ!?
Fixed! Thanks for letting me know :)
November 28th, 2007
it sure does, wtf!

I'll check it out - thanks!
I was never happy with the art in this particular strip - glad someone likes the joke atleast :)
That's what the guys think too.
Thanks buds :D
Thanks buds!
Thanks for the comment buds!

I like the the coloring in your comic, keep it up!