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I'm a shortish man (born female) who soon will be going through transitioning into who I really am instead of what society will label me as. I love books and comics and BL, anime sometimes and occasionally will spend a fuck load of time playing MMO's and roleplaying with friends. Just a few short things there that I like. Hobbies are collecting old ancient pottery (not so ancient just old) and anything involving feathers/wood. Mostly old indian traditional stuff. I love wearing leather wrist bracelets and Jack Skellington is one of my fav characters from Tim Burton movies. /o/ I try hard not to see people as boys or girls even if it's hard sometimes, people are people and that's it. :P I work at a grocery store and they are very very anal about LGBT and that annoys me. Though I like most of the people who I work with, there are some drama/gossip queens. Yay.. <<" not.. ;P
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October 18th, 2018
@PaperJeans: awww my feeeels
aww cooool! oh wait, did her eyes change from brownish to blueish from panel to panel?
@Brenna-Ivy: Micah the wild understanding bab.
October 13th, 2018
ohh boy! i hoped they'd kiss soon. :D
@Zyephen: but what is all that blood going to attract..
October 10th, 2018
did someone report you and you are finishing it early? Or is that really the last bit of it? I'm so confused. /o\
October 7th, 2018
this sounds so much like dragon ball z haha
@Gina_Sun: best thing an artist can do is keep refining their own work and never settle and never try to be as good as someone else. Each person has their own style and it's lovely to see people who don't conform to some bandwagon norm. <3
omg.. omg.. is he.. is he crying? *gassssp* /o\ RED ALERT! He needs hugs!
it's sad to say she's dead because someone else bumped into her on purpose to get attention...
i think the dude he pulverized is inside his head now...
to be honest, I think she might get MORE upset that he just got 'mugged' and is so traumatized from it, then if he told her I got raped by someone that mugged me... cause technically THAT is not entirely wrong either. but eventually someone is going to find out...
September 22nd, 2018
tbh, draw how you want. If you want to change the art style of everyone in this comic to something you prefer to draw. or just make pages with ideas of how you'd lie to do stuff. then do it. I always encourage artist's to draw how they want and to figure out their own style instead of doing what everyone else does. It's your happiness. the comic shows how happy an artist is. So do what you feel is best. <3 I'll read it no matter what it looks like.
September 20th, 2018
ohh the pretty heart thumps!
September 17th, 2018
@Novae Comic: god your comic is so amazing.. I literally love the detailed art and the magic. The colors and everything. That special touchy-feelie romance that doesn't go into full blown sex after 4 panels. It's amazing. *nods* I love story... more then sexy boylovetime :(
September 17th, 2018
@sstogner1: hahahahaah *thumbsup* Im with you
September 8th, 2018
@DarkLemon: looks fine to me!
August 8th, 2018
@Alamino: ohhh awesome! and somehow i sense dreadful comings... from this...
tbh i dont know why people ask for a recap. They can just go back and read the chapters. There's not THAT many :D it takes me like literally a couple days to re read them all. I reread them alot mostly cause they are amazing... :D
who's bullian.. hmmm.... i can't remember...