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I'm a shortish man (born female) who soon will be going through transitioning into who I really am instead of what society will label me as. I love books and comics and BL, anime sometimes and occasionally will spend a fuck load of time playing MMO's and roleplaying with friends. Just a few short things there that I like. Hobbies are collecting old ancient pottery (not so ancient just old) and anything involving feathers/wood. Mostly old indian traditional stuff. I love wearing leather wrist bracelets and Jack Skellington is one of my fav characters from Tim Burton movies. /o/ I try hard not to see people as boys or girls even if it's hard sometimes, people are people and that's it. :P I work at a grocery store and they are very very anal about LGBT and that annoys me. Though I like most of the people who I work with, there are some drama/gossip queens. Yay.. <<" not.. ;P
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whyyy the skythe? #.#
life is a cruel stage.
oooo so cute ;3 Those flowery D picks are incoming i think.

should put "And it's you who helped me to finish my test." I think forgot the who :D
happy your feeling better :D
immm getting a creepy pedophile sorta of fibe from him.. or.. it's his dad and he hates him <<" either one!
@Kimmikala: hmmmm.. he needs to crawl in bed with him. Yep.
ha ha ha I love the sleep masks XD
@amanduur: ooh wow.. urmom and urmom2 ZXDDDD
worry not of buttons and small things, worry more of the bigger things that are more important. :D
@Yoowl: He was a waiting for someone who was harder to catch :D
@Scarlet Spider: shit, your right. I did forget about that.. I've been reading this comic for a REALLY LONG time. HAH.
@Sammybunny711: good i love it when romance takes awhile. I hate it when its always the normal boy love stuff. one inserts dominance and hurts or forces smex on once while the other hates it but then instantly turns to love them.. icky.. i like this one!
@rukan: haha it's totally fine, but tbh if they're reading a boy love comic.. they are probably already aware of the sex and thats why they are reading it XD
April 25th, 2018
no you wanted to know if he could come over and appease your sexual boredommmmmm.
April 25th, 2018
but doesnt everyone call him Simon? I'm so confuuuused
April 23rd, 2018
@gamerkatie: yeah at one of the local labs either at the school or near it so he could stick around with sooch.
@Nieidanine: i somehow feel as if they live in alaska or something. *thinks* Isn't up near the north one of the places that's literally daylight all the time at one point? *thinks thinks thinks*
@DarkLemon: You need some more coke! Get it! :D I liked these few pages. Good! GET SLEEP!
April 19th, 2018
someone's not stressed out, they're horned up. XD
@Zyephen: hahah ILU