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I'm a shortish man (born female) who soon will be going through transitioning into who I really am instead of what society will label me as. I love books and comics and BL, anime sometimes and occasionally will spend a fuck load of time playing MMO's and roleplaying with friends. Just a few short things there that I like. Hobbies are collecting old ancient pottery (not so ancient just old) and anything involving feathers/wood. Mostly old indian traditional stuff. I love wearing leather wrist bracelets and Jack Skellington is one of my fav characters from Tim Burton movies. /o/ I try hard not to see people as boys or girls even if it's hard sometimes, people are people and that's it. :P I work at a grocery store and they are very very anal about LGBT and that annoys me. Though I like most of the people who I work with, there are some drama/gossip queens. Yay.. <<" not.. ;P
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i like it!
OMG dont do that to us! go back to them plz *huff puff* :p
@Zyephen: Mmmmhmmm
April 7th, 2019
@corrupted-mooch: ohhh so who's sky fighting now!?
@portisHeart: I have a feeling that one of them will be nearly half dead before they ever kiss even XD"
you take as long as you like. we're here to enjoy your babies and we'll enjoy it and wait patiently. WONT WE FANBASE!!?? *stares at the rest of them* :p

Seriously though, take care of yourself!
@Gina_Sun: did they REALLY fuck or not.. cause it sorta faded off when he was hovering over him and then they were in bed and he asked for fooods. hahah *thinks*
oooohhh booyyy, he just put you in his lap man.
March 28th, 2019
I think he cant dance cause moving around to much upsets what was upset earlier ;3
emphasis on 'free comic' If author wants to post a blank, they can post a blank :P It's all the same anyway. If you want people to not be confused by it being blank, I'd say an improvement might just be saying 'tis a passage of time' in the comments below it. Outside of that. I've seen pages not load properly all over the place in other comics I read; so i just misunderstood it being a broken image file haha. *thumbs up* Comics is great though. Keep it up!
March 14th, 2019
@Torakodragon: i have a feeling the aren't going to stay together now ;((((
March 13th, 2019
@Alamino: i love em. Thanks ;D
March 13th, 2019
@Kimmikala: they both seem like they REALLY REALLY wanna be alone for awhile. :3 Kiss kisses coming? i hope.. I HOPE! they so cute!
March 8th, 2019
cactuaaaaaaaaar. It's so cute. <3 You must play FF14? Yes, no? Maybe something FF? :D 15?
@Kimmikala: hahahaa I love it. so cute, so stealthy!
@Alamino: how OLD is simon and how old is lewis? Ffff i remember seeing it somewhere but I'm old and can't remember XD""""
@Alamino: he wants to grab a certain someone... but that person is being obstinate.
@DarkLemon: is that his lower lip quivering or something hahah? This whole scene is just silly as hell. I love it.
@Brenna-Ivy: quality smexy-time. He got a taste of the face and can't let it go without getting more this time.
@Zyephen: hahah just like a high school tsundre.