I'm a shortish man (born female) who soon will be going through transitioning into who I really am instead of what society will label me as. I love books and comics and BL, anime sometimes and occasionally will spend a fuck load of time playing MMO's and roleplaying with friends. Just a few short things there that I like. Hobbies are collecting old ancient pottery (not so ancient just old) and anything involving feathers/wood. Mostly old indian traditional stuff. I love wearing leather wrist bracelets and Jack Skellington is one of my fav characters from Tim Burton movies. /o/ I try hard not to see people as boys or girls even if it's hard sometimes, people are people and that's it. :P I work at a grocery store and they are very very anal about LGBT and that annoys me. Though I like most of the people who I work with, there are some drama/gossip queens. Yay.. <<" not.. ;P
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@Brenna-Ivy: Heh.. one little secret, two little secret, three little secret four...
i see where that dudes arm is going. lolz ;p
@Nieidanine: lol his hair is all kinked up into the shape of a heart. <3
i think he uses coke as a means to be 'normal' cause before that thing with Wolf, he instantly had that 'down low' and thense he tried to eat him.
Noa barrrely changed ! :p
he thinks he's gonna get some of that 'uncle' now... *ditches boyfriend*
@Brenna-Ivy: I have a feeling he's about to learn something about Gawain that he doesn't really wanna know...
@DaughterOfOwls: maybe that's why he likes his little bird. Because he's different then all the rest. :O) I love this comic so much <3
@Nieidanine: loved watching these get drawn as well as the music too. It was great. <3
@bob-artist: kinda make me think Troy likes Merrit... *nod nod nod*
@Nieidanine: he must be thinking 'i gotta get a little drunker for this' :p i love it <3
I get the idea that Reuban likes him... most homophobic people are like that.. they treat you badly because they secretly want you, but dont want t out themselves.<3
@Tamerlane: I kinda wanna see them kiss.. they are kinda my OTP <<"
feeeel betterrrrrr! comics are nothing without the happy author! <3
@DaughterOfOwls: it really does, I know how tricky live is sooo much and im glad your not quitting, This comic is amazing and very different and really really captivating.
@DarkLemon: soo thaaaats why he's jittery as foccck, cocaine probably keeps him from eating ppl ya?
@Nieidanine: sexxxxyyy toyyy
@Quadrant: he probably hasnt been laid since he tried to screw Avery and that was right before she died too.. so probably hasnt had any..
@DarkLemon: He does have a tiny heart somewhere in that chest of his.. YUP