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I'm a shortish man (born female) who soon will be going through transitioning into who I really am instead of what society will label me as. I love books and comics and BL, anime sometimes and occasionally will spend a fuck load of time playing MMO's and roleplaying with friends. Just a few short things there that I like. Hobbies are collecting old ancient pottery (not so ancient just old) and anything involving feathers/wood. Mostly old indian traditional stuff. I love wearing leather wrist bracelets and Jack Skellington is one of my fav characters from Tim Burton movies. /o/ I try hard not to see people as boys or girls even if it's hard sometimes, people are people and that's it. :P I work at a grocery store and they are very very anal about LGBT and that annoys me. Though I like most of the people who I work with, there are some drama/gossip queens. Yay.. <<" not.. ;P
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page is missing about 60% of the bottom half. I thinkt he photo failed to save properly to their site. D:
you do you, :D but never give up. Just don't stress life and don't let it stress you. Take it by the prick and strangle it. I mean.. take it by the leash and pull it. *snorts*
im wondering just who is hearing all this huffing and puffing and AHH fucccks??
@Zyephen: thank you :D
somehow, i feel this visit isnt going to be an "IN" and "OUT" thing.. lol
@Quadrant: to be honest, 95% of the human race does exactly that. XD
January 31st, 2019
missed you too :D Welcome back :D zHope you enjoyed your time :D
January 31st, 2019
@Kimmikala: i feel a drunken pull and a hug coming on.. or someone grabbie howie away <<"
@Zyephen: i kinda have this feeling that.. he is a unic.... maybe that's why he didn't like that girl messing with him below the belt. :(
January 29th, 2019
@EmmaVieceli: I kinda wonder how he'll process once the making out happens and it moves on to more adult things... I wonder if he's really processed the prep and prod for two guys ;p
welcome back :D you've been missed!
January 23rd, 2019
wait wait wait.. is he getting appendicitis???
January 23rd, 2019
@Arcane Allusion: till he combs the hair and the wig falls off ;p
@Brenna-Ivy: mmm baby. I have this really crazy feeling that he'll discover felix.. and things will happen.. and more crazy embarrassments.. I dunno. IM nuts!
you do you! You take as long as you need. If people dont' like it, they can lumps it. Right in the butts. :P And a Q and A might be nice but it's up to you :D
January 18th, 2019
@Kimmikala: what does it say on the back of that baseball cap :D R U Screwed? :p
January 17th, 2019
@DarkLemon: he was expecting coke to roll over and get it done right ;p. But naw naw he just got eaten ;3
January 16th, 2019
well if you all read from the beginning you do know where this story goes :( I can sense that pivitol moment where it starts up coming.
January 14th, 2019
*joins immediately*
January 10th, 2019