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Man your act is shit
July 1st, 2015
Welp only the third page and I'm already crying, got high hopes for this one
Wow The story, the art, the characters, the colors, all the concept it's so amazing and unique and marvelous! I love it!
I don't know why but the art makes me feel so melancholic..
Shame on your level of gayness
wtf dude there's a cute red-headed guy almost eating you with his eyes and then he goes all worried about you, the universe is giving you this opportunity and I bet you are going to waste it
BTW I'm liking things so far, great comic you have here!
June 28th, 2015
"My name is Garth Allger and I'm a cutie that really needs a mechanical arm"
Btw great comic!
Good lord your art is gorgeous!
June 15th, 2015
The hell is your problem Tobi? Butts are perfect!!
June 14th, 2015
Good luck with your finals!!
This comic is great!I love the eyes you make
Maybe the problem is mine but the words in blue are hard to read