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@YolkenEgg: serious the angel is so much of a puppy the actual hounds are shook
MAybe i missed it but WTF is bros prob with j?
It just goes to a church service ever so often no worries folks lol
Avery he is literally in love with you you prick ugh
April 8th, 2019
When you re-read and there are so many clues that you over looked!!!
Heh foreshadowing and you'll never get it till you're there
The fact that he didn't say what's more important is you but who did this to you... This is red flag to me not that thrir relationship needs any red flags to see why its toxic. Yikes
Keep both a semi choose your own adventure yeah?
If someone blew in my ear while I was having a panic attack I would most likely just swing and get them in the throat on accident. Also I feel so in easy reading this, not dysphoric but like almost? Its wild and werid feeling
Aaaah this get more and more toxic I don't wanna support it but its the only OwenxAvery I get right now. They are so broken JC they need to talk to someone, anyone, besides one another
Its actute angle I bet! Also yikes coke threatening to force yourself on someone is yike
yes YES! This is the best of both worlds! Owenxavery hanky panky and calxavery but what about and hear me out lads, double team Avery boom then he wont hurt me by being a guilty sad boy later!
Wait? Is he cuz is he is r/whoosh right pass me lol
Jokes on you losers I want Owen and Avery to be together anyways, actually I want a poly relationship but big doubt's so I'll take what I can get. Even though cheating is very bad Avery very very bad young man
Oh? I don't get a picture hmm
Luchador the perfect wrappers for your sweets 👌
Dude its no nut Nov you can't be doing me like that
So what you're telling is his eye lids aren't jet black?
The gran is just like mine!
September 3rd, 2018
@Aldub: no its right to left reading so the open laptop is first then shut laptop and then corcern Howie I think.