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I am a 22 year old gamer who enjoys drawing when she can't sleep and her husband is taking up the entire bed ;)
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Happy birthday to me...
I'm 25 today. Fun fact.
Monday Updates Starting Jan 15, 2018
To be honest... All sorts of crap happened in the past year. From moving twice to getting a divorce to losing my baby...

2018 New Year's Resolution? Finish I Love You. NOT! This is happening y'all.
What the What
Lady's back y'all! After several months of battling with my depression, I've finally decided to pick back up my old projects, including BMB and ILY.N!
So this was fun
First pop arty type thing. Fun but not continuously doing that. Not my element.

Chapter two finally.
Chapter one down...
Big news tomorrow
Will color this page later. In a rush to finish chapter one to upload some big news ;)
Regular Posts?
Hopefully our monday posts will be a thing again!
Angry mad and furious
Kaido looks so mad. It's both fantastic and horrible at the same time.
Broken wrist no more
So as some of you know or don't know, I busted my wrist up bad. Well after two months in a splint I'm good as new!
Page tomorrow!
@Lucazu: It made me LOL too drawing it. It took me so much longer cause I couldn't take it seriously.

@flayce: Ryuske is so cuuuuuuuute he's my favorite :D
SO I decided not to shade the first panel... for obvious reasons
So I didn't originally plan on posting this but what the heck right? It'll be colored and typesetted by our normal post on Monday!

I couldn't keep a straight face drawing the bottom panel. GAH RYUSKE IS SO CUTE <3 He my favorite... besides the teacher, but you dont know that yet.

A/N: Ryuske's nick name for Meiko is MeiMeiMei... which isn't just her name... it's actually Younger Sister Mei in Chinese :D NO I didn't plan on that, MY MeiMei told me that :D
IGNORE THE BAD HANDWRITING, my hubby was making me in a rush so I didn't typset. It'll be fixed by our normal post on Monday.

Ooooh who could be at the door?!

UPDATE: okay no more bad handwriting :D
This comic makes me so happy....
@Lucazu: I hope you know how much that means to me. Thank you!!!!
We're back... again
Let's see if I can just post like, 10 days in a row to recover from a month of not being able to re-buy Sai cause I didn't get paid on time...

I won't be posting 10 days in a row, but I will just post a bunch in addition to our normal Monday updates :D

Also; Until I catch back up on this, Be My Boyfriend is on Hiatus.

YES. LADYHETH WAS LAZY and totally noticed that I forgot to add Kaido's piercings but was way too lazy to put them in cause I've been fixing the site for SEVEN hours... and its 0734... bed time yet? NO? One more page? YES! COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
SO I know I missed the monday double update. My Sai got messed up. I have to repurchase it, and I get paid on Friday. So a quad post next week. SORRY!
That face.
I purposely redesigned the page for the sole reason that I love drawing Kaido's face <3
I wanted to cry.
Part one of a double post! Come back tomorrow to see the next page!
November 28th, 2015
Word to the wise; never read Paradox/Ambrosium while drinking a milk shake. I just snorted oreos all over my computer laughing T_T