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16-Bit Gamer
This account no longer exists.
I have left to focus on better things in life.
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    Zuhair Khan
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Come check out my comic. Updates frequently.
Thought you were going to throw a surprise and make it a double knock out. Glad to see Milktank won. :D
Man I love the facial expressions you give them.
Keep up the great work.
@youngsparky: Hmmm, you should try Paint.Net
You can make better text bubbles with that.
Leo V.S The Midnight warrior!
Leo finally gets his match against the Midnight Warrior AKA Piccolo.
Who will win?
Do you use Paint for your comics?
@TheSilverLeague: Still confused but you managed to shed some light on my problem.
@TheSilverLeague: Oh ok cool.
Can you please tell me how to make sprite comics in I do the magic wand and delete thing, but the checkerboard thing still remains afterwards..
Do you use for your comics?
Leo finally meets the midnight warrior!
What kind of battle will be taking place?
This comic needs a little more work
but it has sparked my interest.
Hopefully you won't quit midway of working on it.
Hey dude, your comic is amazing and all, but I know something that can make it better.
PM me if you're interested.
@jsRPG03: :D
Can you favorite this comic your co-author of at least. :)
Is the robot thing your own custom sprite?
Pretty sure none of you expected Cream to be his sister
did you?
I like applying these twists. :)
Sorry for long wait.
Sorry for the lack of updates, School gets in the way of life a lot.
I'll try to update more frequently.