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Not that anyone cares, but...

Likes: Anime, video games, pocky, yaoi (like any normal girl)...uh, boys (sorry, yuri fans) um...writing and design. OH! and superheroes'n'fish. (not necessarily together) XD

Dislikes: Homophobes, sexists, concervatives, having to say no to my best friends(people who've been through this know what I'm talking about), birthdays, dogs, cellphones, pills(don't ask), and people saying super hero comic books are 'graphic novels'.(they just aren't, people. Give it a rest)

Ambitions: Find a good artist who'll understand what I'm describing and be able to draw it. (aka an artist for my stories), to make myself a Gippal costume(FFX-2), to learn how to properly measure things so I can just make design patterns from my head.
- All of the above are just as likely to happen as me finding my perfect boyfriend...T_T the world is cruel...

BUT I LOVE YOU ALL! (unless you fall into my dislikes category, in which case, why are you still HERE?)

-- K.Everest
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    Kirby Everest (that wasn't obvious)
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XD look at his eyes light up
I can't tell if it's a 'OH! I get to wear Henry's pants!' excitment or a 'OH!!!!! Henry's taking off his pants....!!!' one XD Probably the first but still. Ya never know... XD
oh, just you wait, Henry...
just you wait.... XD
All that sad made me...sad
but the cute is so happy. It's funny to see how bashful Richard is when he's little and to think ow forward he grew up to become. I guess he knew he was in love with Henry and that's all he needed. WHen you know you go for it, right? XD

Also, Iloe the 'always in the barn' question cause thats where Richard found him in the later years stuff. XD SO cute!!
don't be a meanie. Leo worked hard on that for him. You;re being a bad boy... Desta will be sad XD
Oh Amery...
you are SOOOO jealous.

{hands cover face in horror} 'Oh my gawd they just kissed! That was Evan's first kiss!...THAT WAS MINEEEEEE!! XD
Tweety has a lot more butt than I gave him credit for. But Luke loves that. XD

Has he just not had the chance to straighten it? Or has tweety done something to his hair to make it all curly... I don't rember it being that short and poofy...

Hands coving privates. Hands move to force smile on Luke's face, Luke force to look down to see Tweety. Ya. That'll make ya nice and happy. Just know what you have to look forward to when you get home XD
I wanna enter but I can't draw for crackers. This sucks... how but I submit a stick man of Jordan...but every limb is a differnt colour. Would that work? Do I win? ....ya that's what I though. XD
I'm blind... BLIIINDDD!

Ya, I dunno. People are werid. You should have been like. 'you're right'. flipped the page and started drawing gay smex scenes. See if they say anthing next time... XD
aww he made dinner
that or Putnar actually just smells really good. 'mmm...eau to Putnar... XD'

I call some sort of casserole..thing.
WOOT! Ironman 2 coming soon!!
Aw, but you're the protagonist of this comic! We're supposed to rember all about the details of you life XD Oh boy, Yoshi at Just electric is gonna be awesome! XD
okay...this has been so cute... I'm being won over.... but he's evil!!! I just know it!!! AH THE CONFLICTING EMOTIONS!!! XD

...and he looks so happy there too... mmm poor little guy
Wow can you say jealous much?
She is so enviosu he can quit XD
poor thing. How did she get stuck working there? ANd isn't she like the head of the store? Change the store a bit! XD

not when you put it like XD nice
is he a traitor cause they;re low on staff?

or ccasue he doesn't think they'll get to hang out anymore...

I'm confused.. poor Jordan. He has a sick 'hubby' at home wo needs him. This wouldn't happen if you'd just give his break and day off ya know... XD
....stab...wit... fork....
I mean... XD

WHat dragonmaiden50 said! AH!!

...although they do look ridiculously sweet right here....

...darn it...
the competion continues...

and in the middle...totally oblivious XD
yay! frolic together! XD
@guest: XD so true! XD

aww so sweet.
they are so cute! I love Harrison with his hair just a little ruffled up!

And lil' nurse Jordan is adorable!!! can you say kawaii! Chu~ XD [wow thats dorky XD]

now....where is the little nurse outfit for Jordan.... XD
SCORE! Phone sex! XD
Aw... I wanna see Jordan take care of sick Harrison.... an non-hung over sick Harrion.

It'd be so cute! Have some soup, you need a back rubm here's your medicine and a get better kiss! XD

Of course, he'd need a littel nurse outfit... but then Harrison would never be able to focus on resting and getting better XD
popsicle....snap photo XD
Oh mys gawsh...I ws like....He's playing 360?....on the BEACH?!?! EPIC! But no..DS XD

I didn't get ASII DS cause I played the first one and it was epic fail of a game... now the 360 games are terrific. But still. XD

Not that that's really related to the comic. ma bad. XD

....owy. I also love how Jordan was talking about getting burnt. And then his bro did. XD Never even though about it XD Your battery is so toast... [ah...Imade a pun....]
{is shot}


OH MY GAWD!! XD just notice the DS makr XD nice...nice... he feel asleep with Ezio cuddled against him.... and we though Jordan was the gay one XD you're girlfriend is gonna be jealous! XD
Wow...he does lookk like his Dad
When Jordan said that before, I totally didn't see it. I did a BIT later, when he annoced they were going to Texas and leaned over to Nick saying 'maybe it won't be so bad if he doesn't come' but, like with the flash're so the same person XD

Until I saw the date I was like...wait...who's the blonde chick next to Jordan's brother? XD

Nice...and, too this day, he's still a work-a-holic. Hese the rather large lookingbags under his eyes XD