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I like cheese cake, reading, writing, pokemon, games and/or pokemon games.
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As long as you're taking care of you, it doesn't matter how long I have to wait. But yeah! Super excited for the update!
Holyyyyy shiiieeeetttttt
I've JUST found you comic and I gotta say...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Your art style is unique and I like how it doesn't follow the typical pokemon storyline. Keep doing what your doing!
That stray hair voices how I feel right now! xD
Deeeelllleeeeewoooooop intensifies....
@PJSam: True...shit is going to hit the fan.
Drapion is my favorite pokemon, and even if he's one of the bad guys here. I squeal! He looks badass.
Vagus' face in the last panel is me whenever I'm in trouble xD
Even if he can handle himself...whatever's coming probably isn't great.
I absolutely love your artwork <3. Keep up the good work friend!
Happy that you're okay, and glad you are at least continuing some!
Warm cute feelings inbound...Gosh they're something else, lol.
Most likely, also keep up the good work. I love your comics <3
Awww no D:
Fighting with close friends suck...
Awww yeah. God I love how you draw pokemon...nidoqueen likes like something outta jurassic park!