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Here goes
/Joe: Fixes the typo on this page, then tells the girl that there's nothing to worry about.
/Hank: beat head against wall.
Personally, I'd be down with Zander and Willa having a relationship.

As she's not royalty, they'd have to keep it a secret unless monarchy runs differently in this world.

Y'know, spice stuff up...
@Eddie Spaghetti: I want the second one to happen. That'd be freaking badass!
I always wanted to do that.

In any case, I'm SO FREAKING GLAD to see Rosaline get put in her place by Willa!

Go Team Dragonfly!

Also, "Troglodyte"? Da hekk? Rosaline, have you been near by Debbie here recently? Cause' that sounds like something she might say someone called her whilst delivering the mail...
Actually I think she was.
@Eddie Spaghetti: Probably because her and Zander were going out questing, which is like a kinda special thing for them, I would guess anyways.
I know who the red haired girl is!

Go to chapter 3, page 54, panel 8!

It's freaking Jeff's Dream Gal!

(spazzes out because this is first comment on comic and he actually made a connection which makes him feel really good that he'll be liked around here)
OK, here goes...
/Joe- Scavenge supplies inside the Gas Station
/Leroy- Check dat duffel bag, bro!
Would'st tou mindith if I got a cameo?
Team Name: Team Crystal Night
Team Leader: Leroy- an upright Ivysaur

Team Rank: Bronze
Other members: Natasha- a very big very cute Eevee
John- a very awkward Squirtle that occasionally likes to walk on all fours
Butch- Quite possibly the worlds' largest Gengar. And he had green eyes.

If you would cameo this team, I would be most obliged.
@PhantomCat: Low Res OC: A low resolution drawing of an original character designed by your paetron follower who just donated.

AKA, they get to make their own Pokémon character that can make cameos in comic for like, 50 cents extra.

They can even make changes like, for example, making a Gengar white is a good example. Stuff like that. Just saying.
I have an Idea for Patron stuff: Maybe as an incentive for donations you can make a low res OC Pokémon? Just a thought. You can also make goodie bags filled with R.A.D. Stuff and send it to them. It may take awhile, but eventually, you'll have a steady source of income so you can keep doing all that cool Pokémon stuff you do!

Again, not forcing it on you, but it's a thought...
So, what's up everyone, I am the latest fan of this comic to actually come right out and say it (I think) and I want to say; this friggin' comic is friggin' AWESOME! The art style of it and the way you capture the Pokémon's personalities are INSANE! They act very human, and are generally a delight to see. In any case, I wish there was some small token I could give you that would support this comic, but as I'm a nobody, I guess I can't.

(Pro-Tip from a non-pro: Get a Patron or some other site like that so you have a steady flow of income for your art supplies, or for basic needs. Also, it would be best if you finished up that Characters page. Just saying; I know your comic is fairly recent, but a completed website is a often visited one.)
I hate to be "That Guy"....
But this is actually the 202nd page. Sorry Chad and Bagz, your celebration is a bit belated. If you check the meter thing on the comic profile it shows 202 pages. Sorry.
I like Chad, and I want ya'll to know, I'm here to stay- so expect more of me in the future!
Who's the guy in the Hawaiian Print Shirt?
I can honestly say, that Willa in the last panel looks adorable and Miss Bridget looking like that makes the whole panel all the better.
Yo waddup, peeps! Uncle Leo's back in da HOOOOOUUUUSSSEE! I cannot WAIT to read more of Willa's adventures! WOOOOOO!