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Karma and Amelia
@Red-Hime: Good luck, "Princess", enjoy your new role as King's little problem!
@WarriorNun:"This is a Hyper Combo!"-Deadpool, Marvel vs Capcom 3
@WarriorNun: Or better yet, CARD GAMES IN MOTORCYCLES!!!
In the words of Duke Devlin:
"Oh, you're both idiots!"
Boss Fight, Sucker!
@WarriorNun: Let's hope it's not a forced lose scenario,eh?
Taking all bets!
@WarriorNun: I'm putting $20 on Amelia right now. Nellie doesn't stand a chance,man!
Fake it 'til you break it!
@SassyThePokemonLover: Or maybe they'll think it's all part of some act or something
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: Nellie's title may sound a bit impressive, but it shan't ever eclipse the greatness of NNNNYLOCKE! Dragon of The Cold Steel! Whoosh!
@LOATHING: (Evil laughter for 10 seconds),Ow, ow, hurts to laugh!