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Yaoi is the world<3


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Happy Valentine’s day! We wish everybody tons of chocolate (this bunch of cheap unsold chocolate that you can get the 15th it’s truly what’s best)
If you like our comic, don’t hesitate to like, comment and/or tip us, it costs you nothing but a little time and it makes us incredibly happy!(modifié)
We hope we’ll see you soon for the next update! ♥
Now he has no choice eheh...
@nevergrowup: Thank you♥ I hope you'll love the next ones too! :3
@Spoilergirl: So sweet of you! Thank you for your support♥
@Jackson Corbett: yeah I know, my dear red-headed is so irresistible~ :3 You're adding ship possibilities in this story, I love that eheh
@nevergrowup: Why does he have to care? His video is much more thrilling ;) -well that's what he thinks
@Pikelet: Thank you♥
We're finally back, guys, thank you for being patient and for all the kind words we got, you're the best! ♥
Clearly, we can see here that if Sacha's temper is the fire that burns, Neil's on the other hand is the water that heals :3
Safe cupcakes, happy Leo
MPN is now one-year old, here is a surprise update in the middle of the week to celebrate this, we hope you’ll stay with us for the next few years!♥
Please, don’t hesitate to share, comment and like our work!
Can’t wait for Halloween? Don’t! It starts right now with MPN~
Best day to be a big brother: never.
Be careful Leo, she is really really angry...
Wtf it’s the second time Neil has got some sort of super power when he’s mad what are the authors doing???
@Spoilergirl: yeah...and he is far from getting it, that poor babe :<
@Shyguyhoneylover: Brillant! xDDD It didn't even pop in my mind xDD
@M-24: Hahahaha! I would like to taste this, that should be good!
@Jackson Corbett: Sometimes Tofu is good. Then you can appreciate the meat better :3
Too much bloodlust on a single update, I'm not sure Leo will last long
And here ends the waxing gibbous! We hope you had fun during this sport class :P There is still tension in the air ~