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@DragonofDarkness: That's because the last 1.5 chapters were drawn by a different artist.
See ya next year, possibly in January
2 pages left till the end of this chapter
I think there's 3 more pages left or so
Bonus page as promised
I cut my thumb with a cardboard box edge, it stings a little still... then got 2 games at roughly same time - new Dangan and today AC Origins, so I decided to dive in... Origins is a lot like Skyrim with exploring and ignoring main quest until you get bored lol, Dangan seems interesting enough even with longer trials.

@PureLightRockes: A scar from Spyro when he turned dark
@BigQuestionMK2: I never said that. I said that I will post 2 on one week somewhere later, but certainly not 2 on Friday.
Did you guys jump from pages 113 to 116 without 114 and 115?
Sorry, I've disabled anon (guest) comments for while.
@DragoFiresword: It's not me. Most designs were already done by the previous comic maker, I merely continue drawing it.
@Guest: It's not a dragon, no. It just means that originally there was pure light as magic/element, but then different elements started forming under different influence. It's same as species origin, just magic-wise.
And back to the squad
@AnotherAnon: I cannot fix it as I don't have the original files
@Anon: Xannador is indeed good with fighting scenes (:
@Anon: He's certainly not a dragon (:
@Guest: It's hidden by the sash
@Loki: I leave this area open to let people think what they want. My personal view is that they were close, but their relationship didn't turn into something deep as there was no time for it to bloom. Definitely not strangers, a bit deeper than friends, but not too deep to say 'lovers'. Teen crushes? Either way it hurt Cynder very badly.