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@Liam101: When they say that she was made into a purple dragon, they mean her enhancement which allowed her to wield multiple elements, just like purple dragons. In PL, past-corruption she's black.
@Liam101: In one of fights with darkers. If you're curious as to what is under the blindfold, well -> lindfold
I could use a few coffee cups to keep on going with regular updates~ > ;_;
@eevee_op: Sadly it's not a legend remaster, I favour the legend part more than classics, though it doesn't mean that I won't pick a copy.
I could use a few coffee cups to keep on going with regular updates~ >
Squishy squishy.
Rip Chimero.
He big

You're still shipping him and Cynder?
If so, glad to know that we share the same [size] kink
Darkers are but gnats.

Spread of pages 2 & 3

If anyone's willing to spare a cup of coffee for me, here's the link
First page of chapter 5 is on.

Next pages should be on Fridays as usual, unless my working schedule messes up.
@DragonofDarkness: That's because the last 1.5 chapters were drawn by a different artist.
See ya next year, possibly in January
2 pages left till the end of this chapter
I think there's 3 more pages left or so
Bonus page as promised
I cut my thumb with a cardboard box edge, it stings a little still... then got 2 games at roughly same time - new Dangan and today AC Origins, so I decided to dive in... Origins is a lot like Skyrim with exploring and ignoring main quest until you get bored lol, Dangan seems interesting enough even with longer trials.