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Just some random Nintendo fangirl who makes a few webcomics and happens to be a massive hypocrite. :3

I'm working on a pokemon comic about ancient Egypt in a fictional timeline i made up (which will get a 'history book' of its own in the future), but don't expect it to be ready any time soon- i have no idea how to make a comic (I CONFESS! D:), my art sucks, and i haven't even started on the plot yet. .w.'

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@Fire storm: Everyone looks adorable! :D
But i actually really like how you came out. :3
@WildfireK: I noticed the same thing with the fox. :o
Again, great colour blending and choice of colours! This one has the most problems though. I'm seeing tonnes of places where the colours suddenly change from really light to practically neon-esque, there are WAY too many spots where you coloured outside of the lines, and the little dude on the feather just...kinda ruins it. Good job, still! <3
@TheJGamer: Well, wouldn't you be worried if one of your friends was being judged on their sanity and turned out to be completely mentally deranged?
this is old
2 months at least
god fuck

anyways enjoy
this was just for fun and, like, now that i look back on it with more developed backstories and more fleshed out personalities...i had no idea what i was doing, did i? The *new* Aloe and Eve are only exactly true to 1/4 of how they're depicted in this. So...take this with a pinch of salt! :3
@HollyTheFluffyCat: Thanks! You might notice that i was using these in a drawing here and a drawing there, and i decided: 'You know what? I'm tired of having nameless stick figures. I'll call them... Stick d-
Commentary on all of the Sticksies
Wiisp: *pictured here, right before falling on her butt.* I also added little turquoise streaks at the end of ALL your excessive fur. It just looked nice. :3
Wifi: Poor guy somehow managed to get T-rex arms for his Sticksie. XD
Me: Nothing new here, moving on
Shad: Ta-dah! The new and improved SHADOW STICKSIE! :D
I actually really liked this one. I don't know. I also toned down the glow of your little amulet thing, and it looks great! :D
(what does that thing do, anyways?)
BONUS ROUND: Fire Storm! For no apparent reason, i plucked a rare commenter from the comments section, and gave them a Sticksie! That rare commenter happened to be Fire Storm! Also, thanks for letting me finally use the smudge tool and having whatever it touched not look abysmal. :D
jesus drawing Sticksies on four legs is annoying

But yeah, those little stick versions of me and you guys (my frendos :3) are officially being called Sticksies! Has a nice ring to it, right? :D
Yeah, thought so. But anyways, you may ask: 'Hey Mewgon, you just said that you might be putting out weird, stilted, awkward, fucking awful drawings, and here you are, posting a perfectly nice and pretty drawing (EXCEPT WHAT I DID TO POOR WIISP I'M SO SORRY)! What's going on??'
Well, i'll probably be posting quite a bit today. Only old sketches though, and probably minor projects. Sorry! Just bask in the glory of more than one update for today. :3
Better than my current art... ;w;
@WildfireK: Oh, okay. I do really like the choice of colours though. :3
Did you seriously draw that???? Oh my fucking god!!!!
It looks really realistic, and i love the texture and little colour that there is! The feathers on the bird are great, and the background and ship is GORGEOUS!!! DUDE!!!
@ShadowStalker1128: That's Tess's mother, right? A Sylveon! And Tess is in shock because she's seeing her mother in front of her!!

I still remember that (really edgy) drawing you made of Tess a while back, crying about her dead parents- a Sylveon and a (Leafeon, i think?)!!

My memory is way too good for my own good. .3.
@Fire storm: The first one, i think. It's probably easier to just look through the archive.
@Fire storm: An original species made by Wiisp. Go check out her Art Dump, she has a guide to the species there. :D
Happy birthday, Mid! I don't really know you as well as everyone else, but hey, it's your birthday, so i might as well acknowledge your existence. :P

Just kidding. Have a great birthday, and i hope you have a great day! <3