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Profile pic made by @WiispNightmare! Go check her out, her art's amazing (and way better than mine)!

I like dragons, pokemon and roleplaying! (Also Warriors but I've only read the first book :v)
I'm working on a pokemon comic about ancient Egypt in a fictional timeline i made up (which will get a 'history book' of its own in the future), but don't expect it to be ready any time soon- i have no idea how to make a comic (I CONFESS! D:), my art sucks, and i haven't even started on the plot yet. .w.'

Progress on Savior of the Sahara (Pokemon-Egypt comic)
#1: 7/10/17: Drawing concept art for Savior of the Savanna and trying to string together a plot. Oh man, I have so much ahead of me. ;w;
#2: 7/16/17: halted progress for a bit a few days ago because personal stuff cropped up. should get back to working, but nah, I'll take a break for the week
#3: 9/13/17: Progress halted until 2018 to redo horrible plot. Sorry!
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@WildfireK: *dumps more max revives on you*
@WildfireK: *buries in a pile of max revives*
@WildfireK: *apologizes and bows*
*also tells Shad to turn off her light and takes off tape*
@WildfireK: *T A K E S P A P E R T O W E L A W A Y F R O M F A C E*
@WildfireK: *G I V E S A N O T H E R M A X R E V I V E*
@WildfireK: *covers face with paper towel*
@WildfireK: *gives ANOTHER max revive*
@WildfireK: *uses Recover but forgets it only affects the user*
@WildfireK: *gives Max Revive*
@WildfireK: *screeches* *goes to get more and tells you to "not press as hard"*
@WildfireK: *uses Psychic to un-plug your throat*
*flies off at the speed of a jet to get you more*
*comes back and tells you to "Put the paper towel AROUND the ice and push it up against your nose"*
@WildfireK: *um*
I use the stick figures whenever i wanna put you, or Shad, or me, in a drawing that isn't about any of us. Y'know, just as a little tap at the fourth wall- like we're outside the drawing but in the drawing- basically like we're commentating on the drawing. I dunno, it's hard to explain and i'm bad at explaining things anyways- you'll see what i mean eventually. :P
@WildfireK: I got bored so i drew whisk ears and little stick figures for the two of us. .3.

I've never been so disappointed in a silly drawing ;w;
Shading- Lazy
Lighting- Nonsensical
Pose- Awkward
Overall- Fucking Atrocious.
Damn, compared to your most recent art, this still holds up, but your most recent art is WAY better. You've improved so much over the last year (or so)! <3
@WildfireK: okokokokokokok
i will regret this

y'know what
just to double the silliness i'ma give it all my all
and use airbrush shading
you will be credited
if i go crazy before i'm 20 i'm blaming you :P
@WildfireK: and now all i can think of is a Shad flashlight with egg-beater arms.

i fear it is too late to turn back.