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Profile pic made by @WiispNightmare! Go check her out, her art's amazing (and way better than mine)!

I like dragons, pokemon and roleplaying! (Also Warriors but I've only read the first book :v)
I'm working on a pokemon comic about ancient Egypt in a fictional timeline i made up (which will get a 'history book' of its own in the future), but don't expect it to be ready any time soon- i have no idea how to make a comic (I CONFESS! D:), my art sucks, and i haven't even started on the plot yet. .w.'

Progress on Savior of the Sahara (Pokemon-Egypt comic)
#1: 7/10/17: Drawing concept art for Savior of the Savanna and trying to string together a plot. Oh man, I have so much ahead of me. ;w;
#2: 7/16/17: halted progress for a bit a few days ago because personal stuff cropped up. should get back to working, but nah, I'll take a break for the week
#3: 9/13/17: Progress halted until 2018 to redo horrible plot. Sorry!
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yay we're all artists who kind of hate their work and suffer because of it ;w;

wait that's not good-
@ShadowStalker1128: most days i'm not fine, haha
@WiispNightmare: j e a l o u s

well i live in Canada so if you wanna come freeze your butt off daily sure go ahead
@WiispNightmare: hey i'm not judging here :P
@HollyTheFluffyCat: i've been hunting this one stupid Tyrunt for the entire year tho
i m s u f f e r i n g m o r e
@ShadowStalker1128: glad i'm not the only one having that problem ;3;
On the other hand, i'm sorry you're feeling dissatisfied with your art, hopefully that feeling passes soon! >.<
@TheJGamer: that wound still hasn't healed ;w;
Let me explain.
Okay, so the story starts when i'm playing Pokemon Y for the first time. I'm starting to forget my party at the time, but i think it consisted of Fennekin, Bunnelby, and i think a Fletchling. They all had names, but i can only remember my starter's- Fenneprince (he was male and i sucked at making names at the time). So, i've actually got a bunch of pokeballs, potions and pokemon, and i'm wandering around on route 2 after catching a few pokemon in Santalune Forest (i think that's what it's called, i haven't been there in 3 years). I'm training for the first gym, when...BAM! I run into a pidgey. Now- quick break. At this point, shiny pokemon are a MYTH to me. I'm not a shiny hunter or anything of the sort. I'm just a happy-go-lucky kid playing the new generation. So i encounter this pidgey, and its colors look a Then it sparkles. At this point, i THROW MY 3DS AND DANCE AROUND THE ROOM SCREAMING (i got tons of weird looks don't worry XD). After around 10 minutes, i pick up the game. Fenneprince is out. I press ember. He misses, and since he was low on health from all the previous training, he faints after the pidgey gusts. This is the saddest know the menu that pops up when a pokemon faints saying 'next pokemon' and 'run'? Well, i'm shaking so hard my body is having a massive tremor, and i try to press next pokemon. 'Got away safely!'...i drop the 3DS. I swear i have never cried so hard in my life. I leave the game, picking it up 3 days later. I'm still upset, but i go on and continue my journey. I still have that shiny in my dex to this day, and plan on redeeming it once i get ahold of a pidgey in Sun.

Hoo boy that was long. Sorry for making you read through all this to understand this drawing. XD
Also, don't ask why i made the Pidgey sad. I don't know why i made it sad either.
@ShadowStalker1128: Weekly updates! Then i know that there is a day in the week to look forward to! <3

much floof
very pretty
November 16th, 2017
@Primalena: DANGIT! Hackers always ruin everything. >.>

Lucky! I gotta wait until tomorrow.
@ShadowStalker1128: I guess but still. :P
(Also, no offense, but when are you gonna start actually making comics? Are there some technical difficulties or..?)
Besides that, i really don't see much of a difference. XD
@WiispNightmare: pfft XD
you haven't seen my winter
if anybody goes outside at all, they're always wearing at least 4 layers XD
@Nightmareonthego: as long as it's on 2 legs i'm impressed
November 16th, 2017
They're coming out tomorrow...was the whole game leaked again? >.>