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No longer on the site, sorry.
Feel free to read my comics though! Just know they won’t ever be updated again.
If you want to see more of my art and keep up with me, go visit my DeviantArt, where i’m participating in several Original Species and EVEN MAKING MY OWN! :D
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35 pages straight of characters just sitting around and talking and yet i’m still somehow invested...
inb4 the comments are flooded with pure JoJo
oh hey i can actually notice Tess's heterochromia now and not fuck up every drawing i make of her
in actual critique, I love the expressions on Tess! And her seemingly noodle-like body.
Also I should’ve waited ‘till this page to draw fanart so I could attempt to turn the last panel into a full piece ;;
@Pokemontrainergigi: Me too, I think we’re all just desperate for Dunsparce to evolve though
inb4 the petition for this to be Dunsparce's new evolution line
January 9th, 2019
There's nothing here. XD
December 26th, 2018
Merry chrizmus
Also, I really like how Abrus uses his leaves like arms! That’s pretty unique, and i’ve never seen anything like it before. :o
@ShadowStalker1128: aaaa same
crossing my fingers at least Tony lives ;;
"This seems to be a product of poor planning."
story of my life m8
Grounded Xurkoopa just looks so sassy and I don’t know why XD
And so, Spyro returns in another gorgeous piece from PTGigi!
I’ve been marathoning Doctor Who lately and all I can think of when I see that raptor is a Dalek aaaaa
Also this is like the first comic I’ve EVER seen where the normal people are just fine with it and get on with the anomaly fine
kudos to you for that, always love a good twist c:
Wait a sec, is that a Swablu x Magnemite/Magneton species I see in front of Malachi? :o
So pretty! One question: why is Laiba standing on her hind legs?
@WiispNightmare: Hope yours repair themselves. I’m not sure WiFi meant any harm. :)
Idk about this theory but something tells me that this is either a mew or ditto 👀
I mean, there’s been a Murkrow, Absol, and Loppuny and they all just happen to have the same/similar eyes. That can’t be right. 🤔
@WiispNightmare: you’re better than I am with talking!! Idek how i’ve managed to keep into contact and be friendly with WiFi for so long, it’s extremely unusual for me...I kinda like it though
@WiispNightmare: He didn’t trash talk you? At least not to me
What was he saying? I kinda need a little more clarification than ‘he trash-talked us behind our backs’ could’ve just mis-interpreted something :(