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No longer on the site, sorry.
Feel free to read my comics though! Just know they won’t ever be updated again.
If you want to see more of my art and keep up with me, go visit my DeviantArt, where i’m participating in several Original Species and EVEN MAKING MY OWN! :D
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    the world shall never know >:3
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First off, I hope your anxiety gets better. I also have anxiety and I know how hard it can be to work through. Lots of hugs. 😊

ha! gAaAaAyY
The same post from yesterday...?
The only difference is that this image is bigger than the last post...
This new cover and style looks great! Personally i’d wait a month for a page in the ‘take my money’ old art style, but this new style is cute too! :3
Yes, expectation subversion! :D
That’s always a good thing. It’s also rare. :)
Aww, that’s actually really sweet. <3
@Woo: aww, thanks! Can’t wait to see my little artist get some love! And I still haven’t finished her DA bio dang it-
sweet fish...puppo...thing
Also congrats you managed to make me like Basculin
feel u bro
The shading doesn't ruing this though!
....the lipstick does! XD
@WiispNightmare: kind of ;;
hopefully you're at least okay <:o
I'm proud but um
also a little concerned-
specifically about the stuff near your tail ;;
@SilverLunarwing: Ouch, that last comment was harsh. Lady, Nick is CRYING- at least give him a hug or something! Don't bring up a dead relative/friend and guilt trip him with it! D:
@Pokemontrainergigi: Holy mama that Necromew Burst looks AMAZING *O*
I'd love to see mega versions of both of these! I can see Burst already has Mega Mewtwo Y in it, so i assume it can't mega evolve, but normal Necromew would look great in its mega forms! :D
Two jellybeans furiously maul eachother [1918, colorized]
@WildfireK: i hope i do too, this has lots of promise

question being
when will we reach chapter 2?
or at least when do you think we will
okay so
no offense
i'm getting a little lost on the entire premise of the comic ;w;
super slow
not that that's a bad thing! it looks gorgeous, and gives us some time to take in the setting and characters
but you're introducing a new character a page and not doing anything with them, really
so far the most that has happened is that i think War and Syco had food and discussed lower rations
this is page 18
nothing of significance has really happened yet ;;
also the first two panels look off for some reason
that's just nitpicky but eeeehh
anyways yeah
that was my critique of Schism so far
i'd recommend picking up the pace and fleshing out the characters a little more, maybe also adding some narration or something to really give us a sense of the world
but that's just my opinion, so take it with a Mt.Everest of salt <3
Officer Meteor is a really cool name. .o.
@WildfireK: Oh, shush. This comparison alone just shows how amazing your backgrounds are. :D
Hell, i'd even say that your drawing is BETTER than the actual thing! Maybe it's because i like how yours is a little more purple, idk, but aa it's so pretty *w*
@WildfireK: i second this comment, your backgrounds are to die for at this point *o*