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Funny, hyper, singer, artist. What else?
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Doesn't look half-bad with the shading, actually
Great choice of clothing, huh?
Manga . . . oh god it's spreading!

Seriously, me thinks I smell a stalker
Ranting's fun. Couldn't resist
Remember those people who sued Nintendo because they broke their tv's or their own noses with a Wiimote?

This is an all-new low
See, Kori and Raven are concentratign on the expressions on Rath and Sol's faces, so they don't notice that Kori's holding the lighter. Which will cause the rocket to fly off, taking Raven with it, and making them go BOOM!
And may your stay be HOT
This comic . . . THAT'S HOT!
Okay, I deserve to die for that.

Not a comic with our four heroes (If you can call them that). Just something I whipped up out of nowhere
The Ring
Bad time to give a couple of boys a call, talking about a dance, eh? Pay no attention to the pink-haired girl. I just did her to help the comic. Please note, the comic was epic enough I had to do a crappy coloring job! Woot!
I don't like coffee. I may be under 16, so my taste buds might not develop a liking for it yet, but still.

And, of course, Raven had to be drawn in :D
Imagine how loud that amp must've been! Raven could put the Who out of business with noise like that!
Comic 1
First comic, woo! The first and only comic that I'll be drawing myself in, too...

Stab the thing! Stab it and Rath's face good!