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Woo megalon!

I think megalon and LH should be friends and have a picnic.
Clearly it was megalon who dragged him Megalon could show him his house or something..i dunno..

P.S. FYI On the coffin it says King Gorwaggle for everyone whose interested. Bet you cant get the reference though lol!
So Stefan...Remember that comic you've been working on...for the last 4 weeks..Got some characters together? Some friends become enemies, some enemies become friends..Main character becomes a little richer from the experience?

You know..That little comic you've been working..for the last 4 weeks..

So basically the point of this message is -

lol confusing much, I reckon he should go down into the hole (duh) and the bucket leads him to a load of evil mole people who are enslaving pikmin..or something XO
In response to Rob/Gravy's comment - Thats what you get for being a guest, once you're a user all ads are removed!
Nice comic - Can clearly tell you spent alot of time on it.

Anyway - I also agree that the bucket of moon people should tip over in some way or another to reveal something. Perhaps the next frame can be something as simple as that made into a dramatic 4 frame sequence and leaving what is inisde the bucket (what the moon people look like) to the reader.

Assuming in the next installment after that the moon people could lead little hidey some place or another - But i'll think of a better idea once the next one is up.
Thanks very much!
I do not know what that is..So let me assure you its an unintentional copy..
Thanks very much ^__^
It shouldnt have need explaining but i just poorly wrote it so it was unclear. But ah well.

Thats okay Matt ^__^

Hehe thanks..Hes Mexican because he thinks hes Acidic..But whatever..I hate explaining jokes.
hehe thanks Kenny :P And you sexing Chell..Well..That might have been considered "Mature" heh..
Hehe yeah i know..But i was in such a hurry to get this one up i forgot to colour it white. You may also notice that this comic is lacking a few shadows aswell! haha oh well!
Cheers Ida ^^
Hehe..I dont think Stefan would have ever made it out of the first chamber if it were for Glados.

Hehe, thought you'd like it :P