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*stares at the Ash statue* Should be Red or Blue >_>
I love this story Q_Q <3
I was checking back every week to see if this updated. I'M SUPER STOKED TO SEE THAT THERE ARE NEW PAGES TO READ <3 <3 <3 YAYYY
I'm so thrilled I came across this webcomic. I finished the whole series up to this page all in a day. It's extremely well done. The story, the art, etc.

Poor Jojjo and Swann Q_Q I liked those two. Swann's epic way of talking and Jojjo's kindness and compassion. I also liked how everybody's had to deal with the pain and sorrow of so many deaths.

I'm sorta secretly hoping that Eevee becomes a Svlyeon just to mess with the story xD but I know that isn't possible since this is Kanto Q.Q;;;
That horse doe. . .