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i really didnt know if i should put this as an extra cause its so small or like an actual page cause it introduces a new character
honestly this page is mostly to try new styles and improve how the anatomy works in some of my pokemon
and to say that the comic isnt dead cause its been a while since the last update and thats schools fault ... * cough*and all the videogames i have *cough*
Im being really productive these days and its kinda weird for me cx
Holidays are fun

anyway plot happens!! kinda???
and i made the text a bit smaller cause it annoyed me before .
that is all cx
i totally forgot about uploading this xD
anyway i tried some new things with the background
dont know if i like it or not yet ...
i actually started writing down encounters and stuff at Eterna forest so i cant tell you for sure
they are surely somewhere from 14 to 17 (?)
again im not sure
okay this page took me a while even though it was a small one
i finished it yesterday night but i was too tired to upload it then

anyway short break from everything at the pokemon center
if anyone thought that Kelly would let the height difference between her and Carla alone you were dead wrong xD
next page is Eterna fores
@ZHODY the delfinator: in low red if i remember correctly ( i actually started keeping notes at the start of Eterna forest Dx )
i had this sketched out for a while now and i managed to finish this faster than i thought
that happens when you wake up at 8 and you cant fall asleep again xD

changed some things at the designs of Carla and Kelly and i think i like them more now
@LouLouBaBa: thank you so much :D
im glad you enjoying it :D
@andreya225: they are fine :D
they are a cameo :)
Crys its so obvious why he doesnt like Steven
figure it out already !
@ZHODY the delfinator: dang it thanks for pointing it out
i should have finished this earlier but fire emblem : fates happened
anyway team galactic appears again
they were fun to draw to be honest but all those characters were a pain to color Dx
anyway i hope the next pg will be done sooner
i saw that joke on the internet some days ago and i was like "Kelly would totally say that "
and this comic was created x)
and part 2
quality still sucks but there is nothing i can do
so i decided i would cut the pages in the middle for better quality so here is part one :D
@Hanna B: yay im glad :D
yeah it is sadly i hadnt thought of having a problem with the size of it . Yeah i know i used that way for uploading the first pages but they werent readable Q.Q so im stuck with having to lower the quality by a lot
@ZHODY the delfinator: maybe... :D
yep i do , shinx is one of my favorites too and is so fun to draw :D