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I used to be, The_Project.

I'm a fan of Sonic, I'm a bigger Mario fan, but I prefer sonic spriting altogether, it's easier and it's what I know.

I like Doughnuts, and as you can tell by how I spelt that, I am British, from London actually, so I do have the sexy accent and all.

I'm also slightly into anime, my favourite genre, is Ecchi, School, Action, and Comedy, I think they go well together.

I am currently working on Furthest Adventure: Reborn, a revamped title of my old comic "Furthest adventure".
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    Kamal Mckenzie Proctor
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Well at least he's in the lead.
Damn, fucked her twice, dead and alive.
@Smiffy SMF <3: I'm interested. if it's done right of course.
Is it a Race war or a "Race War"?
Low budget ass page, couldn't even afford to add the nipz.
@felicityfox: It is now.
@supersonic1009: That's unfair, they can't afford a roof over that car.
I certainly almost kinda nearly but didn't really forget.

Damn it Neroe, Now I got to resurrect my ass and make pages.
Marleroth just wants you kids off his lawn.
What happened to what's his face?