I used to be, The_Project.

I'm a fan of Sonic, I'm a bigger Mario fan, but I prefer sonic spriting altogether, it's easier and it's what I know.

I like Doughnuts, and as you can tell by how I spelt that, I am British, from London actually, so I do have the sexy accent and all.

I'm also slightly into anime, my favourite genre, is Ecchi, School, Action, and Comedy, I think they go well together.

I am currently working on Furthest Adventure: Reborn, a revamped title of my old comic "Furthest adventure".
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    Kamal Mckenzie Proctor
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Damn it Neroe, Now I got to resurrect my ass and make pages.
Marleroth just wants you kids off his lawn.
What happened to what's his face?
Never would have guessed.
Who the fuck is Dani?
Universe tournament time!!
@RoninHunt0987: I didn't make the comic page.
@EXFalchion: Alright I'll cut your hands off, then give them back because they still belong to you.
I'm going to need those Kai sprites, so hand them over.
Who's the host?
@Moon light madness: I'm working on it, but college is weighing me down.