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"My name is Pi Calvert and I'm fine!"
was... was that an ace attorney reference?!
"I am the sand guardian, guardian of the sand!"
Kind of reminds me of:
"Ms. Alita Tiala, please remove your scarf."
I love how this comic is progressing, keep it up!
Spirit animals???
Last resort kind of power??????
It's the new Warrior Cats book, okay?! xD
I don't know how to website
You can use if you'd like!
I'm hoping to see some "OBJECTION!"'s in the future
(panel 2) I can't hear you
Who would even dare to hurt an Ampharos that cute? ;_;
Mount "Cope". but its probably Mount "Be able to".
Vagus: Hello, it's me...
And the fourth wall has left the building.
(A.K.A it shattered into pieces and was swept out the door)
Sorry, i'm knot very good at puns. I always tangle up my words, though I hate to be the barer of bad noose. <-(woah man)
You can use some of my OC's!
Wow, this is like the glass half empty/ glass half full thing.
...(I seriously doubt i'm going to get those 30 dollars.)