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Barry is a Magazine Cartoonist, Graphic Designer and self-published author of 5 trade paperbacks. His Panel Cartoons have appeared in Reader's Digest, Barron's, American Legion, Prospect, Medical Economics, First Magazine, Christianity Today and many others.
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    Barry Corbett
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@WiispNightmare: HaHa! One of a kind.
@WiispNightmare: Sleep and destroy furniture!
Issue three has gone to press.
Yes, this really happened.
@piecrossesover: Thanks! It's important to appreciate the history of comics.
@piecrossesover: Great!! Long time ago, huh?
This incident went way beyond the usual hockey violence.
Another true tale for Issue #3 of Terminal Velocity.
Here's the cover for Book 2, soon to be released as a 24 page comic book through
This concludes the tale of my one and only barroom fight.
Things got out of control very quickly.
A cautionary tale about alcohol.
Some of the things I loved about skydiving.
Here is the last page in my old ArtSchool Journal. A little overly dramatic but interesting for me to read so many years later.
Thoughts and impressions from my 21 year old self.
Another excerpt from my Art School sketchbook, over 35 years ago.
Some pages right out of my Art School sketchbooks from 1975. The drawings were done directly in ink. Still, they have a loose, design feeling to them.
Some wild and crazy things happened while parachuting.
This brings to an end the story about Kap. This chapter was, by far the hardest story to work on.
Some traumatic events occurred during my 3 years in Art School.