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My comics will be about eevees!
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Backround eevee next comic thing
1.) Mari, Luca, Astro, and Cloud
2.) Dean!
3.) January 18, 2014.

Edit: Oh, someone already answered. :/
Are you sure Oliver isn't watching, Eve?
The Sylveon in some comic (i dont know which)
had the same scar as that shiny Flareon.
What font do you use for Oliver in panels 15-18?
Ethan made it! Yay!
Personally, I think its Vay.
@GlitteringEevee943: thats not a glaceon.. (sobs in corner) its a skyeon
...there alt text
I think the last panel happens right after comic 123.
@Munnastone: That's Night.
That eevee's number is h e double-hockey-sticks.

(just in case bad words aren't allowed)
Um.. Well... What the heck?
What? Why would panel 4 be R-rated? It's just hugz.....
Could I get a MineCraft skin? I want an eevee one pleeeease

Congratulations! There are 100 Stupid Short Eevee Comics now! YAYYAYAYAYYAYAYA
@Pinkeevee222: How are the placings determined for the art ask blog contest? Is it just random? (please tell me its random, I would feel better if it was random)

P.S. Was It based on how good peoples blogs were?
Random Theory Time!!!!!
On your Tumblr blog, there was a picture of a bunch of the "main cast" of eeveelutions back when they were eevees. I just noticed a couple of minutes ago that the hat that Vay is wearing is the same one that Daisy has on when she is Ninja/SEO (Secret Eevee Organization). Did Vay give it to her or something?
@chimy19: Adding on to that, I am pretty sure that Volt is the eevee from the last Meanwhile. You know the one (and I quote) "He was..Unstable, angry, and really powerful. I don't know why, but, I was the only one whoo could calm him down..."
Third! Wow, this is wierd...