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My comics will be about eevees!
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Backround eevee next comic thing
1.) Mari, Luca, Astro, and Cloud
2.) Dean!
3.) January 18, 2014.

Edit: Oh, someone already answered. :/
Are you sure Oliver isn't watching, Eve?
The Sylveon in some comic (i dont know which)
had the same scar as that shiny Flareon.
@espeon8812: She only uses MS Paint for the headers. She mentioned it on one of her earlier comics...
What font do you use for Oliver in panels 15-18?
Ethan made it! Yay!
Personally, I think its Vay.
@GlitteringEevee943: thats not a glaceon.. (sobs in corner) its a skyeon
...there alt text
I think the last panel happens right after comic 123.
@Munnastone: That's Night.
That eevee's number is h e double-hockey-sticks.

(just in case bad words aren't allowed)
Um.. Well... What the heck?
What? Why would panel 4 be R-rated? It's just hugz.....
Could I get a MineCraft skin? I want an eevee one pleeeease

Congratulations! There are 100 Stupid Short Eevee Comics now! YAYYAYAYAYYAYAYA
@Pinkeevee222: How are the placings determined for the art ask blog contest? Is it just random? (please tell me its random, I would feel better if it was random)

P.S. Was It based on how good peoples blogs were?
Random Theory Time!!!!!
On your Tumblr blog, there was a picture of a bunch of the "main cast" of eeveelutions back when they were eevees. I just noticed a couple of minutes ago that the hat that Vay is wearing is the same one that Daisy has on when she is Ninja/SEO (Secret Eevee Organization). Did Vay give it to her or something?
@chimy19: Adding on to that, I am pretty sure that Volt is the eevee from the last Meanwhile. You know the one (and I quote) "He was..Unstable, angry, and really powerful. I don't know why, but, I was the only one whoo could calm him down..."