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I like pokemon, travelling, history, and writing for fun
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"I've only done this once before"


No, Kira, I don't know how the hell you could even make that connection
He should have said "Get me to the bottom of this mountain", notice that he didn't specify where he was going to get dropped off...
Too bad Gengar is a Ghost type and therefore Shadow Tag-esque shenanigans don't work on it
Weavile's an ice type, what is he worried about? A little snow ain't hurt nobody
Good thing Gengar conveniently just learned Focus Blast to wreck this joker.
@Gallinator: You're assuming that the economy is rational when it costs a small fortune just to buy a bicycle.
@Cherry the Puffball:
Well yeah, that's the joke. The "Chuck" in the gym is probably some random bum that snuck in while the gym leader was away.
I think it was intentional. Comic 360 = coming full circle- maybe this was symbolic? I mean, they've been going forward this entire time, now they're back where it all began (for Gengar at least). This is the last leg of the trip after all. If this is really as far as Gengar or Jen are willing to go then perhaps the rest of the story will be about how they're going back or off course entirely.

Of course I could be overthinking this as the author just forgot the number.
We can't go on this way,
Laughing at love, day after day...
I'm sincere, you're unfair-
We can't go on this waaaaay
"Stick to the plan, chums! Stick to the plan!"
Houndoom went straight up Jayfeather mode with the stick obsession
I'm betting its the Ekans from Team Meanies, probably evolved into an Arbok by now. Gengar better learn to fight, and quick, if he doesn't want to get wrecked by these dudes.

Also, I wonder if Darkrai has a thing for specifically hiring other dark types...
Jen's reaction seems kind of weird to me- I think Gengar has a good point. Does she really not care about what her family thinks? Come to think about it, she's never really spoken much about her family at all in this story. I wonder if she has a distant relationship with them.