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@Emc_502: Persona 5? I prefer the REAL Arsene
@MercenaryX: Don't worry, I'm not planning to let it die for now, I just dont know how fast i'll update.
@Emc_502: Not for long
@comercole @WriterRaven: Thanks, I'll do my best ^^
So yeah, I lost my mood to draw this comic a lot, or rather it was killed. Long story, but expect much slower updates, if i dont abandon the comic completely, I have worked hard in this story so i dont want to abandon it, but i find it hard to find motivation to work on it lately, anyway for the full story check my deviantart: I also post there a lot of GaS related content that arent comic pages so you can check it out, warning that you might find spoilers though.
There we go! New page. Sorry for the slow speed, I'm currently doing a course in 3D design an animation which makes me have less time for the comic. Bright side is, you might eventually see animated work from me!
@comercole: You'll see eventually
@mcslurpi: Oh yeah, you're probably right. My grammar is not the best!
@Emc_502: Oh wowies
@mcslurpi: What mistake?
Finally got around to finish the next page! We go back in time! so no racing for a bit, sadly! (unless you were fed up with all the racing, then luckily!)
@DarkFlameOSecrets: Martin loves his car
@bonberjean: We'll see
@bonberjean: Who knows owo
@Emc_502: They were already broke so
@Pandemiccarp743: I added covers for the Prologue and for Chapter 1, look at the page list, you'll find them
@littaly: Glad to hear! And yes i don't have intentions of giving up soon! :D
@comercole: Nope because until a bit ago I wasn't going to divide the comic into chapters
Finally got around to doing both covers! And yes, this comic is also getting the obligatory long-scarf Riolu, but I hope I can make him unique and special enough!
@comercole: I've just decided to divide the comic in chapters so I'm making the covers for the prologue and chapter 1 :D
@rodneysux69: well apparently you get scared easily :P