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I am 21, in college, and with a passion for fan-fiction writing. As a writer, I enjoy making stories to share with my friends. I am also an aspiring artist. Though nowhere near as good as some of the webcomics I see around here, I hope to eventually make a series of my own as well. For now, I will follow my favorite artists/authors and lend them my support until I'm ready to join the horde.
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Self-inflicted suspense!
H0ly!! I've been supporting you for years now, and once again your updates are phenomenal. This is my favorite webcomic in the history of any webcomic I've ever read, and even after all this time, it just keeps getting better. Never give up! I literally make myself wait a month before checking the updates, just so I can read 3-4 new pages at a time. Oh, the anxiety it causes me! But oh, the rewards!

Dramatic silliness aside, you do good work. Thanks for sticking with us this long!
This scene was hilarious. I half expected that he'd give in and mash his own ice cream in George's face in retaliation, but it was definitely a lot more fun to read this way. Great page, H0ly!
good old tactics
@yaoi4evandnevayuri: You mean like his original sort of commands? "Kill the bloody rat!" I'm sure that will work wonderfully! lol
DT, his attacks will be wide and sweeping! Watch for him to start moving, then pull a feint! This Charizard takes commands from its owner so you will hear which attack is coming before he actually moves. Come in high, duck low, and slash out the inside of each wing as they pass by. You can do it! Go go go!