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i shit on people and get roasted
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And im guessing the fifth panel :3
bottom jonathan? :o
"BOYS ONLY but not really"
that cracks me up.
my boyfriend was working on a restaurant and he served 1 meal for this guy and this guy saw a wasted meal beside my boyfriend and he's like--"can i touch that, mr?"
pretty amazing so far!♥
hhhhhhhhhhhh flyn my bae
seemed so cute but deadly at the same time.
didnt notice there's an update. OH GOSH HELLo
"ups" amazing feedback.
and yes, jonathan. please hold him. brother dan is my favorite character
@Woltz: it seems interesting! will fav!
aww, what about the last one?
Garrett, MAN UP
@Luminerd: you can join though, this collab is a bit dead but i'm working on something! <3