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Hi, I'm Jess! I love everything and everyone and I want everyone to love themselves as much I love them! I love to draw and write and am currently going to school for comics. I hope to create comics that will inspire people in many ways!
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    Jess Stanton
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Maybe one day we'll learn scarecrow boy's name
Halloween art + an update!
I'm going to Youmacon this weekend so hit me up at table A21 if you're there!
Them's fightin' words
You can FEEL how done Tjuyu is
You ever get sick for an actual entire month?
Hey all, I'm sick but I missed the last few weeks of updates because of conventions, so I pushed through to post this page today anyways!
Technically my chapters are volumes, so I'm dividing them up into sub-chapters lol
So I'm at East Coast Comic Con booth 626 if any of yall are in NJ and want to visit me! I'm really excited about the next few pages some more of my fave chars are comin' up;;
Yeehaw, finally finished a new page. I feel bad because I really want to update regularly but life just keeps getting in the way;;;
There's gonna be cool stuff starting in like 4-5 pages though so stick around!
I can't wait to introduce all the witches!! Ahhh, it won't happen for another chapter and a half though ;-;
Hey yall, after my long disappearance I am finally back! I can't guarantee regular updates, and I might push the pages per week to one, but I'm gonna try my best
I'm still devastated over the loss of my cat, but I appreciate all y'all's support! Thank you so much for reading this comic and leaving comments!
me, all the time: I cant wait to introduce more characters because I love them all so much
Happy Halloween yall! Everyone is dressed as future characters again, except Aria :/
Why is he like this
I'm sorry for such a huge delay!
I got an apartment with my friend (and two strangers) so I've been busy sortin' that out + I've rewritten most of this chapter LOL
I am regrettably going to be incredibly busy the next week and a half and will most likely not be updating this comic! (I'll certainly try though)
We've hit over 300 followers across all the sites I post this comic on so I wanna do a lil' Q&A! Post your questions and to what character and I'll have them answer it in an upcoming post!
Thanks again as always for your patience and support!
Yooo this lovely lovely person has been translating this comic into Spanish *A* Check it out!!
I'm tryin' to make the pages more dynamic even though I'm pretty bad at panel layouts. Hope it's workin'!
Gonna try to update tomorrow as well, or possibly Saturday, to make up for the lack of update Monday! Life is destroying me atm;;