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I am a huge fan of fantasy webcomics with cute, realistic, and consensual relationships, slash, femslash, or het, and lovely art, if anyone has any recommendations. Also, immortal-falls-in-love-with-mortal stories are my weakness, if anyone has any recs for those. Also stuff like fairy-tale-esque webcomics and things that are morbidly lovely.
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HOLY SHIT I MADE THE WEIRDEST SCREECHING SOUND WHEN I SAW THIS PAGE. HOLY SHIT. Mic looks REALLY cool this way, not to mention absolutely terrifying. I still can't wait to find out why on Earth Itzli would risk this, especially since Mic is obviously in murder-the-human mode. Poor priest, he better have something REALLY good to say or he's going to get eviscerated by Death himself.
first I would like to say: CALLED IT. He's sacrificing to Mic! But WHY? It is a mystery. Also, I love the little sound effects, and I really like how you can tell that he is having SERIOUS second thoughts about this, considering the fact that 1. He is Tez's priest, and Mic HATES Tez, 2. He has literally attempted to kill Metz at least once, which I imagine would not endear him to Mic in the least, and 3. If Tez takes this as some kind of betrayal, Itzli will seriously just die on the spot.

I just don't understand what would be worth risking all of that for. Is he trying to make amends? Pull in a backup god on his side in case Tez rips out his spleen? Ensure that his afterlife isn't actively torturous? Does he want to ask for a favor? Is he required to serve all of the gods? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

*sigh* I guess I'll just have to wait for the next page for answers. Or maybe the page after that. This is so exciting!!!
no! Sweetie, you didn't do anything wrong but exist. :(
*whispers* let it goooooo
yay! resolving conflict begins at last! I mean, if Ulrik apologizes and they can actually start talking to each other, who knows if that will happen.
Is he going to sacrifice to Mic?! Is the owl for Mic like the ocelot is for Tez? WHY WOULD HE SACRIFICE TO MIC WHAT IS GOING ON. IS HE LEAVING HIS GOD FOR A NEW ONE. IS THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING. or, wait, maybe he's trying to convince Mic to lay claim to Metz so Tez will lose interest, or maybe he's trying to get Mic to leave Metz alone so Tez will be able to have him and get bored of him, or maybe he's just trying to get into Mic's good favor in case the whole Tez thing goes supernova and he needs somewhere to hide.

Anyway, I am 70% sure he's sacrificing the owl to Mic, which is an UNEXPECTED and FASCINATING development. EEEE THIS IS SO EXCITING.

(P.S. I'm so excited you updated! And so quickly, too! I didn't even check it today, I was just chilling on Deviantart and I got a notification saying you created a new art and VOILA NEW PAGE HECK YES.)
Okay, let's go point by point:

-WHAT AN ADORABLE OLD MERCHANT GUY OH MY GOD. Kinda probably shady, but adorable.

-Nice work on that ocelot! It is a magnificent and beautiful thing. I love how you did the markings, and the eye, and everything. The entire page is lovely, actually. I always forget how amazing your art is until you update and I am freshly reminded of it. Totally worth the wait.

-On that note, uh, that is one vaguely ominous Author's Note you have there. What is happening? What arc is starting? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ITZLI? What is going to happen? Apparently an Important Thing.

-Now, into fangirling: I'm always so excited when you update! It makes my entire day. This is one of my favorite webcomics, or even my absolute favorite. Not only do you have great art, but there's a wonderful sense of pacing that makes the romance seem slow-build even though Metz and Mic have only spoken around five times, and the entire premise of the thing hits all of my favorite tropes. It's a very majestic comic, if that's the right word. I don't think it is, but that's the closest I can think of right now. I'll probably think of the perfect word five minutes after I post this, ugh.

I kind of can't wait until this is finished, so that I can just read it all the way through and get the full effect. But then, at the same time, I want it to NEVER end, because then there will never be any more of it! Argh, the quandaries.
It's always the innocent-looking ones isn't it.
are simon and sandy snuggling oh my god you nerds how does anyone not ship them
Is that Jane's guardian angel? Is her name really Jane? The angels seem to be better with girls' names than boys' names, but still. Maybe her name is Sarah or something.
Well. I mean. They all meant well. RIP, chivalrous dude.
Is he glowing or is the floor just REALLY SHINY?
Who's the cutie angel with the freckles and the urge to save the lives of drugged ladies in nightclubs?
those are some nice buildings you got there dang
@arswiss: ...are you confirming my ship. Is that a thing you are doing. yessssssssss.

In other news, yep, Simon, that was pretty awesome.
this is what happens when you spontaneously get angel-married, there are CONSEQUENCES and HARDSHIPS
oh! hey! Sandelphon exists outside of Simon's head! SHIP'S STILL VALID AND I WILL SHIP IT TO THE END
probably should have seen that coming.