@WindowMaker: yes I might do that :)
@Trinkuh: aww :( I might just update the whole chapter here when it's done on Tapas then, so people can still read it here, even if people have to wait for a long time xD

I'll be posting on tapas, so if you want to continue reading the comic, please follow me there:

sorry for stopping posting here, but it's to much stress posting on both sites xD besides I usually post news and other updates ect there. Hopefully, some of you will still read it there ^^ Thank you for everything <3333
ahahahhaha, omg xD I just thought this would be fun. I'm glad they have changed.. God they looked so bad -.-
@boiseboo: no it's okay, alot of people did'nt see the difference xD
@boiseboo: haha, yeah. somehow what I wrote didn't show here, but I only shanged his bangs. It wasn't a total makover. I wanted him to look like himself, and the bangs is the only thing I really hated, so thats why it still looks the same ;)
Forgot to pot this her. A little side comic xD
Since I have started school again, the pages won't come as often. I have almost lined the whole next chapter tho! I'm working slowly. I'm going to start posting once the chapter is done, then it will update one page everyday. I will be able to draw more when I'm done with school! Only 8 more weeks xD

Anyways, here you have an angsty sketch! xD Maybe I'll redraw it with better colors someday!
Forgot to post it here.
well, kind of a page xD
What you mean this isn't how it'll go?

Mehehehehehhe. Normal pages tomorrow :D
@P: what. he is in the middle. he has twin sisters
so much update
Extra update cause I have crazy many pages done xD
@yuffierikku: haha, well um, english is not my native language. So yeah, guess all the people that read this have to get use to it xD
@raephium: hahahaha, i didn't notice it when I made the bubble xD Well, never heard of a groin talk before so I guess you get who says it xD
One day too late xD thanks for reading <3

btw: i can't wait to draw next chapter! S**t's about to go doooooown
HAHAHA xD Hope you like it <3