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I just fount out I can write here! :U Whoa!

My name is Katelyn, but You can call me Kyu! I'm a 24 year old artist living in Utah. I started making comics specifically to tell a story.

I'm actually a very nice person! I do enjoy talking, but I am super awkward. So if I don't respond, that's probably why.

If you enjoy my free content, please consider buying me a coffee! <3
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Its still Thursday, so it's not technically late. This week has been kind of a whirlwind of mixed emotions. But now I have a ton of free time, so I'm going to be getting ahead on on pages.
I posted this early. Enjoy.
@shinyumbreon888: Whoops, sorry! I'm using a computer at work and didn't realize I wasn't signed in. That guest comment was from me! :)

And no need to apologize! I'm glad you're being safe and not just giving info out to anyone!

I did find a way to message you through this site, so I'll shoot you a message through there. :)
@shinyumbreon888: You're fine to ask! I don't think you're being annoying at all. :)
I haven't been able to find a spot for her in this pack, but I do have the perfect spot in another pack which will be appearing in the next chapter. I know it's a bit of a wait, but I promise to give her quite a bit of screen time! ;)
Carmen opens up a can of words and brings up Wicca's favorite pack member.

Now that the internet is back, I'm working to get ahead with pages. :'D I've got a trip coming up next month and I want to make sure I don't fall behind.
Here it is! The cover for the next chapter!
I finally have internet again thanks to my awesome landlords. C:

Normal pages will resume next Thursday. Thank you for your patience, everyone!
It's still Thursday, so today's page isn't late!
Also, end of the chapter. Finally.
@shinyumbreon888: It took me a few days, but she's up on the art page now! :D Keep your eyes open for her to appear in some future pages!
@shinyumbreon888: Ahhh I love her! She has such a nice design! c: Keep your eyes open for her to appear later on~

Do you mind if I also add this to the art page?
@shinyumbreon888: Of course! :D Just be sure to link me. c: I actually have an upcoming chapter where I could use a few more sears.
): Please don't stay mad at me. It's not my fault Oisin died.
It kind of is.
But that's not the point.

OH LOOK it's Morbi.

By the way, check out the art page for some new official artwork.
Sorry, guys. u_u
@KillerTheSylveon: D: I guess we will have to see!
I could never be a wild animal. Snow is not my friend.
Viara doesn't seem to mind though.
@Umbreon : Huzzah! Glad you found it. :D
Also, I would LOVE to see your OC!
Just a simple page this week. Sorry, guys! I promise more will happen next week.
I relate to Craas on a personal level because it's too freaking cold outside.

Finished with about 3 and a half hours to spare! orz I'm trying really hard to make sure comic pages are finished on time.

It took us a little bit longer than I had expected to get moved in and set up. But our computer is set up and our internet is running, so we're back in business!