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I just fount out I can write here! :U Whoa!

My name is Katelyn, but You can call me Kyu! I'm a 24 year old artist living in Utah. I started making comics specifically to tell a story.

I'm actually a very nice person! I do enjoy talking, but I am super awkward. So if I don't respond, that's probably why.

If you enjoy my free content, please consider buying me a coffee! <3
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SO my landlords have moved out and the house now belongs to someone else. They have not yet moved in which means no internet. We are coming up with a work around and should hopefully be back soon.
Thanks for your patience! You can keep up to date on our Facebook page. Just click the Facebook button on the top of the page or search for One Step Closer. :)
It's still Thursday, so today's page isn't late!
Also, end of the chapter. Finally.
@shinyumbreon888: It took me a few days, but she's up on the art page now! :D Keep your eyes open for her to appear in some future pages!
I absolutely love the colors you picked for her! c: They work so nicely with each other!
@shinyumbreon888: Ahhh I love her! She has such a nice design! c: Keep your eyes open for her to appear later on~

Do you mind if I also add this to the art page?
@shinyumbreon888: Of course! :D Just be sure to link me. c: I actually have an upcoming chapter where I could use a few more sears.
): Please don't stay mad at me. It's not my fault Oisin died.
It kind of is.
But that's not the point.

OH LOOK it's Morbi.

By the way, check out the art page for some new official artwork.
Sorry, guys. u_u
@KillerTheSylveon: D: I guess we will have to see!
I could never be a wild animal. Snow is not my friend.
Viara doesn't seem to mind though.
@Umbreon : Huzzah! Glad you found it. :D
Also, I would LOVE to see your OC!
Just a simple page this week. Sorry, guys! I promise more will happen next week.
I relate to Craas on a personal level because it's too freaking cold outside.

Finished with about 3 and a half hours to spare! orz I'm trying really hard to make sure comic pages are finished on time.

It took us a little bit longer than I had expected to get moved in and set up. But our computer is set up and our internet is running, so we're back in business!
bunged up - adjective
‚Äč If your nose is bunged up, you find it difficult to breathe because you have a cold.

(The more you know!)
@Umbreon : I'm glad to hear you are enjoying it! :) By all means, go for it! I would love to see what you come up! :D
It kinda looks like Captain Crunch. :U !!!
Berries are a part of a complete breakfast.
Happy new year! My resolution this year is to stay on track with keeping this comic updated.
A bit of training is a great way to get out your frustrations.
@Turtwigsfire13: Yay patrols. D:

Things are about to really pick up tho. :3c Stay tuned!