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his brother may be a comedian but I'm CLEARLY the funniest person on my boyfriends life
@Orrs-Law: I'm so glad you do! :--D I'm sorry it's updated at an absolute snail pace lately, due to me working on lots of other stuff and moving house :-c
hi hi HEY EVERYBODY I'm slowly emerging from my pre-graduation tornado of work!

this is a comic I found on my desktop... Must've drawn after getting out of the moist and sweaty embrace of my lover... True romance.
Soon, school will be over! Forever. That means my life will only be a mess without deadlines. Fantastic. *Sips*
I need therapy
Out of styles tried so far this one is actually my favourite...

I'm trying out different styles to see if there's any style that would allow me to draw quicker (so I can update more frequently..)

I'm sorry if this one looks a bit like poo. I'm not sure if it's all trendy and sarcastically bad or if it looks like its drawn by a toddler?? edgy.
Were people sacrificing children to the dark lord? I always have a hard time blocking out those noises, too.
got a pair of ear muffs for christmas. They have saved my life whilst commuting.

warning: slow updates ahead. My diploma project was schedueled poorly, now leaving me with just enough free hours to get half a nights sleep. Until May. Hello insomnia my old friend.
So I feel like Anton is the only friend of mine who asks himself the true existential questions.

Anyways, he did say "what would LARPers do?" so this page will get updated when I get the time to fix that.
We are clearly lowercase brethren! Together we shall make OUR a the ONLY a.
Why buy clothing, really? All the fashion you need in just ONE simple accessory.
I hope I can print this and just put it up everywhere without infringing on someones creative rights and all that jazz because wowW I need this in my physical real life. On a wall or something. ON THE MANTLE PIECE

This is amazing! I just what frickidi who what???? This is amazing oh my I AM UNWORTHY

wow wow okay thanks WOW
Yes, it breaks layout. I drew it before I chose a theme. Sigh.
I cat sit frequently, and got to catsit two baby kittens a while ago! MeeEEeeEP. I had to buy new pants and one of them crept into my jumper and fell asleep and then they drooled on me it was great.

Also claws.

(This is greyscale. Is that good???? is it satisfy? i do not even)
This page is hilarious. Look at all the humour. So fun.

(I do not enjoy being serious ugh.)

I'm also really sorry for not posting more this week! I had a power outage and a bunch of crazy stuff happened. Life.
I think this page is in for a make-over! we shall see when it happens :->
the logical reaction to become a mahō shōjo is to want to work very hard and seriously desu
You don't want to know what I went through to get those sparkles... ಠ_ಠ

I've seen unspeakable things...