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Wallpapers released in 2018, exclusive to Patreon supporters!
Available now in dead-tree format
Buy Volume 3 in print!
These wallpapers, and many others, are part of the bonus content you get if you support BICP on Patreon!

I'll be posting other bonuses here on SmackJeeves throughout July, and then Chapter 26 will run daily in August.
@SkyDrops96: Strike that last comment, it turns out I had more copies than I realized! If you send the shipping address to sailorptah at yahoo dot com, I'll mail you issues 1 and 2.
@SkyDrops96: I'm afraid they all got claimed via the original website before your comment came in, sorry!

You can still buy the new print editions (better art! full color!) on Lulu, and see the bonus sketches if you're a supporter on Patreon.
But I’m A Cat Person: Volume 1 is now on sale!

Remastered pages! Bonus art! Pretty borders! Full color!

Collecting chapters 1-4, in a 128-page tome that can be yours for only US$19.99.

(Actual cat not included.)

Regular crossposted updates on SmackJeeves will return in March -- or you can read at the main website to get all caught up ahead-of-time.
Happy seventh anniversary to BICP!

Why not celebrate by buying some books?
Resolution for 2018: defend your allies, and stand together.
We're going on Christmas break! If you don't want to wait, Chapter 25 is already being posted on the main But I'm A Cat Person site. Otherwise, hang around here and you'll see it next year.
This is so cute. Luca's very pretty when he's not trying to abduct and/or energy-drain anyone =)

Does he have a last name? Or an alien designation, or anything like that? (And does the Commander have a name at all?) (I tried to look on the cast page, but...there wasn't one ._.)
@happyfrog: If you check it out on the original website, every page has a transcript.
@WiispNightmare: It has! This is just the first time anybody's told Jany that.