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Not ganna tell ya unless you ask!
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This made me throw up 7 times!

Try to find some tuts on HOW to make a comic before doing one!

At least I'm trying to be helpful as well
June 2nd, 2008
ok what side and what is his/her name?
well it would look better if you put them overlaying each other then you get the full effect of the test!
May 26th, 2008
cool what side? good or bad?
May 26th, 2008
Ok sorry it's only 2 panels long but I left my script over my Grandmothers house so i had to put this filler in but it will advance the plot as well!

Cameo by Erebus - TheJoeman
I think the reason he has two comments is so it seems like there are two of him like in the comic!
Basicly it's just stupid!
if he wants to have 2 of himself then why don't he just put it all in one comic?!
Yay for big heads!
this should be a real game cause it looks way cool
I'd love to be in one of the screen shots too!

but use my new sprites:
Cool yea you do that
Poor poor sonic XD

And tails is still in that same place and postion LOL
Well i can see there getting put to GOOD use XD
yep Poor Silver!
He turned evil before receiving one! So he never got the shard he was supposed to!
Yes this comic only has one cameo so join now by the 23rd and you too will be placed into a wallpaper I will post some when with all the charaters!
Plus i will place you in the comic!

Cameo by Erebus/TheJoemman

Cameo by ForteTh/ForteTh
That will be explained after comic 10!
Ok first of my flash backs are here PT2 will continue after the 10th comic!
You know it would be better if you had theses Nazo sprites instead!

I'm not saying you should use them if you don't want to heck i just wanna help!
May 17th, 2008
Ok guys, and gals! Hands up who thourght it was Sonic or Tails that fired that blast last comic?

P.s The Joeman about your cameo I'm just trying to fit it in with the story I got next to me! should have appeared be the 10th comic at least! If not then definatly on the 10th comic!

PPs next comic is a flashback maybe the next two! it as something to do with the chaos emeralds and you will never guess what!
oh 4 more battles till my fight!
Wow another nice comic...i'll fav this one too
May 12th, 2008
Thank you Made in PaintDotNet

Please post in the poll please!

I have idle sprites of the current leaders so you can see what they will look like in the comic once i get there: