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Psst! Hey guys! Remember that BL side comic I had the pleasure of illustrating back in January? Well it's getting a second kickstarter print run! So whether you missed it or can now afford it, here's your chance! Just look for Black Coffee in the link below! ;)
@Eina M.M.: Happy early birthday!!!
@DaemonSineAnima: Happy Birthday!!!!
@SmittenHollow: okay this comment has made my day *v*
@Purpleflowergirl: It's whatever you want it to be! Whatever you think Wes would like :P
@Quadrant: I'll leave it to you guys to guess what song came on! :P
@Emadauchi: your... your icon..!! _(:'3 」∠)_
@banichka: Ohmygosh hearing something like that makes me so happy, you have no idea! TToTT
@Hi(:: Omg having just gone through Harvey, I wish you all the best over in Florida!!! Stay safe!!
@DarkLemon: Aaw you have a microdermal? Jealoouusss! (and omg cosplay, I would die XD)
@portisHeart: Sorry!! We basically did design Wes to be the perfect human being haha (and not to shameless plug but we'll be throwing all the Weslee and Wesrick goodies over on patreon if you're interested!)
@LilyFlareVII: LOL we like to Koogi shit up from time to time
@Quadrant: He lives next door! I'll put up his bio in the About section soon :P
@Dragongirl101: Lol! Yes, the others know about Kylee. Charlie was there when he outed himself in front of Rocko (and got punched) and pretty much everyone else at the ranch probably know through gossip haha
Introducing Jack! Tonic's bff
If anyone's going to AnimeFest this weekend, Mari and I will be wandering around fangirling about Yuri on Ice stuff! Feel free to join us!!! We may even bring some S&S keychains :3 Just message us~!
@doughnutdistress: see what we did there
( ^ O ^ )
@lunabob: If it makes you feel easier, Wes didn't say this with any sort of ill intent (as evidence by Kylee not getting offended), he's just a drunk southern boy so you'll have to pardon his French :)
@portisHeart: Oooh the outsider-with-different-tastes you described is a cool way of looking at it!
And you'll have to excuse drunk!Wes, he tends to talk before he thinks XD
@genericblogger: Aaw thanks!! I wish smackjeeves had a better comment system up as well. Replies, likes, etc but maybe we'll get there one day! :P