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@SuicideMummy: We use a template here on SmackJeeves and then go into the html codes and change the colors if that helps! We’re not too good of web designers but messing with SJ templates works well!
@gamerkatie: he’s a few months short of 20 :)
@MorgLeFay: aaah sorry!! We really need to get on announcing con meet-ups a bit earlier than like, the weekend of the con ^v^; Maybe at the start of the year we can post which cons we plan to go to so we can hang out with everyone!
Holyshit guys you have no idea how fun last week’s reader survey was for me! I literally only thought 20-30 people would respond and half be from Texas. But y’all are everywhere!! It makes me feel like I could travel to any state or country and I’d have friends there!! _(:’3 」∠)_
Also, I’ve had a hard reality smack me in the face that there are a LOT of ship names I do not know XD

(speaking of travel, Mari and I will be wandering Holiday Matsuri in Orlando FL this weekend on a last minute trip if anyone wants to meet up and hang out! We don’t have a booth but we’ll bring keychains)
@werewolf949494: Yes!!! Isaac and Miria!! :P
@FujoshiGirls: Aaw thanks for sticking with us! :P
@amoelyaoi12345: Aaw! Well if you speak Spanish (I believe that's what's spoken in Peru? Forgive me if I'm wrong!) A fan is translating it over here at this link! :)
@M-24: Oh shit, stay safe over there!!!
@k-la-kinz69: We got snow too (Houston)!! I didn’t know it reached Galveston too! Haha
@lillitchee: Oooh Thomas Dekker, I love him!
@BooperDooper: (you’re talking to the girl that flew to LA for Anime Expo this year at the last minute cuz Koogi was there)
In fact, I’m editing my original answer to this since I forgot my love for that shit XD
@KayLingLing7: (I’m loving Until Sunset so far!)
@BooperDooper: YUS KILLING STALKING! (゚ω゚)
Omg guys these are so fun to read _(:’3 」∠)_ I had no idea so many ppl weren’t from the US (I just figured a cowboy-themed comic in Texas would only draw in Texans, I guess? ^v^;;)

(and internet high fives for Komahina fans!! That shit is LIFE!)
@TanyaTorsson08: Thanks so much for that info!! I’ll definitely bookmark both sites and look into them! :)
An oldie from Patreon: chaps that Kim apparently does not approve of :P
(We decided G&T would be fun on tumblr since they’re little one-off comic pages and we see a lot of those over there!)
I thought this would be fun! Let's get to makin' friends! I'll start!

1. Texas
2. Toss up between Komahina (always) and Avilero and Sangbum (currents)
3. Joe Anderson plays everyone cuz he's a sexy beast.

PS. Ship war comments will be deleted! This is for shits and gigs, save the drama for the kiddies on tumblr.
@portisHeart: *awkwardly whispers that there's already been some Wes action happening on patreon*
@portisHeart: Lol! Oh, I see all :P