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@comicgirl: Aaw <3 Because your words were what I was hoping out of most commenters (understood disappointment but also optimistic) I'll let y'all in on a secret: There will be quite a few more sexy times to come ;)
@Summer Wine: Alright, I think I'm going to step in since this discussion was two pages ago and I don't really feel like seeing it continue for another 2:

Kimrick's comments were all in fun. The boys' banter and one-upsman-ship (such is their personality) doesn't die out just because the clothes come off. I'm sorry if there are people out there that see their slight bedroom wrestle and think there was any malice behind it but I assure you, they're just 2 headstrong dudes being headstrong dudes. "Rough foreplay" does exist and it does not mean there was any abuse involved. I don't think Kylee would have stuck around if there were. Hope that clears some of this up :)

(The only mistake I WILL own up to in that scene is that the last panel of that page could have been drawn at a better angle. He was fingering, not full-on penetrating.)
@Blue_Unicorn: Happy Birthday!! :D
@lunabob: 😂😂😂
@ShadowThorn: Aaw thank you for hanging with us so long! And don’t worry, we still have a long way to go with these boys so here’s to everyone sticking with them in their homo adventures! ..Homoventures! ;P
@Naruhina2124: Aaw thanks for sticking with us for so long! And I’m beginning to see what you mean about comments, especially since normally I get really excited on Fridays to get to hear from everyone. Hopefully it won’t build so much that newer readers start getting negatively influenced. I just want everyone to enjoy the story! Time skip or not! ;)
So regarding the comments on last week’s page: Mari and I usually like to stay on the sidelines of heavy discussions/debates and normally we just let it blow over, the only real reason I’m saying anything is so no one walks away thinking we deleted any subsequent NSFW pages because of it. This is a legit time skip, sorry to disappoint! ;)
@-More-: I wish we could do more than one page a week! But with my schedule and how long each page takes, I wouldn’t be able to keep up ^u^;; I’m so sorry!
@M-24: it was a joke, morning after pills are for pregnancy scares ;)
Real talk: be safe, y’all! I just couldn’t realistically have Kim have condoms when he hasn’t done the dirty for a few years. But they’re both clean! ;)
@Hatter09: Thank you!! And to clear it up, yes Kim’s done this before, anything about him never doing it before was probably from Kylee’s teasing ;P
*reading everyone’s comments* omg I love you guys 😂
@Ded : (Kylee)
@FelliSkelli: Aaw thank you and welcome!! SuperMuuh is an amazing artist, I’m pretty grateful for the fanart! ^u^
@Poppy: It was admittedly hard to squeeze all that I wanted into this page (there were many redos and redraws) but the 2 bars are basically the manga equivalent of a slight time skip, hence why the boys have significantly less clothes :P
@ChainEnergy: (I agree, Firo is best boy. Ok maybe next to Claire ^o^)
@cannedsoup: Aaw thank you so much!! Hands, to me, are super expressive so I do spend a good amount of time on them! ^^
@Shyguyhoneylover: Thank you for looking! I’ll bookmark them and get a quote later today! :)
@P: I would prefer America since shipping all the books to me would most likely cost less but if the price is right, I ain’t picky!