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Just 2 fujoshi trying to survive life by making the gay comics

The almighty support system:
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@Monika: Sure! How the heck do I do that 😂 (if smackjeeves private messaging works better for behind the scenes talks feel free to message me!)
@Intruso: Thanks for the tip! We’ve never looked into RSS because we didn’t know anything about it or the demand for it haha

If it helps we update at the same time every week, too! (Thursday at midnight CST) 😊
@Monika: Aaw we don’t have one set up but how cool you’d want to make one!! Feel free, I can advertise it here, maybe even join! 😊
@Guest: It’s a Carrie reference 😋
An older Patreon request of the boys during game night!

Chapter 10 starts next week!
And that’s the end of Chapter 9! I’ll be taking my 2 week between chapters break to work on more pages and in the meantime I’ll be posting extras here for those 2 Fridays ;)

Chapter 10 will start here October 11 (and Sept 30 on Patreon). And it just may be a spicy one~
@Metric_muse: Nope, just a striped shirt 😂
@Poppy: His first name is James, but no one ever calls him by that :)
@Jeanjean: They are the only ones :)
@Devil999: Let Kim’s love of neutral colors consume you 😂
(Hey guys! If you’re a fan of Girls Love, be sure to visit my friend’s Kickstarter and check out her original project! )
Just a reminder that we’re at Anime Matsuri this weekend hanging out at the Sparkly Comics booth (booth D36)! Please come by and visit us, we’ll have all the S&S merch from the store including both books, keychains etc (I may even do some S&S commissions) and we’re excited to meet you guys!
(I fucked the schedule time up again guys, I’m so sorry the page is a bit late!! I promise I’m not this scatterbrained in real life 😂)
Hey everyone!! 2 new orders of business!

1. Volume 2 of S&S is now available in our store (link in the menubar above)! A special thank you to our patrons for making the book possible!

2. We'll be at Anime Matsuri next weekend (June 14-16) as a "guest" at the Sparkly Comics booth in artist alley! We'll have the new book 2 as well as book 1 and all the other merch from our store. Hope you guys can stop by and see us! ^^
Can I just say how much I love reading everyone’s (bloodshed-free) discussions about the boys 🥰 You guys are the best readers we could hope for!
@Bloomer: I got asked on Patreon about the extent of his injuries as well so I’ll explain here too:

He's not as bad as he looks, he made it out of the shed without being on fire so they’re largely all minor burns from heat exposure, there's just a lot of them (we couldn’t have this boy riddled with hospital-level 3rd degree burns otherwise the rest of this comic would just be emo in a burn ward)
@Aiyse: Thanks for the heads up!! Working on fixing them right now 😊
Hey guys! I finally put up all the fanworks from the contest, you can find them under the Extras tab on the menubar. If you have time, be sure to take a look, they're all so good :D

(Also PLEASE let me know if you submitted something and it's not there, I did it all on my phone so I could've easily fucked something up haha)
@Guest: It should be virus-free, I haven't heard anything otherwise. We pay premium here for no ads etc but if there are any risks popping up, please contact smackjeeves about it!
@Chippy: I do, you can find all social media links on the About page or the Links page if that helps! ❤️