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@doughnutdistress: see what we did there
( ^ O ^ )
@lunabob: If it makes you feel easier, Wes didn't say this with any sort of ill intent (as evidence by Kylee not getting offended), he's just a drunk southern boy so you'll have to pardon his French :)
@portisHeart: Oooh the outsider-with-different-tastes you described is a cool way of looking at it!
And you'll have to excuse drunk!Wes, he tends to talk before he thinks XD
@genericblogger: Aaw thanks!! I wish smackjeeves had a better comment system up as well. Replies, likes, etc but maybe we'll get there one day! :P
@Acrazia: Aaw thank you! I love hearing that our comic is something people look forward to that much each week! -^u^-
@Wimsy: LOL imagine if the rest of the comic was like that. Yep, no eyes and no explanation :P
@SilverFang: Do you mean on Kindle? I didn't even know you could do that! Haha I might have to look in on that, thanks!! :P
@genericblogger: LOL that comment made my day
@Dancing Brony: Haha! Thanks! They're fun to make :P
Introducing Iris! Gin's best friend and co-worker :P
@KathyJDB: We add a little comment or joke on each page if you hover your mouse over page itself! :3
@Gnildryw: Good catch!! Got it fixed, thanks! :3
@yasha.queen: LOL I don't know when a credits page would ever come up but I would definitely want "some old mustache guy" to be in the cast list!
@maxllon: I've never used RSS feeds personally but I read all smackjeeves comics should have them. Hope this link helps! :)
@Nemesis Hallen: Aaw I'm sorry!! There is definitely a lot of slang with Texan dialect and overall drunk characters (like in this page). 'Yer' just means 'your'. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask! I'll be happy to correct their speech for you :)
@Misfit_Mimi: Aaw thanks for asking!! How it works is that I have the script of the whole story written out loosely (think a very simplistic fanfic lol) and then thumbnail each scene out to get the layout of pages, length of each scene, etc down.
The chapter breaks actually really only come after all of that where I separate them loosely by 25 pages (sometimes it's a bit more or less than 25).
I haven't had too much trouble yet in terms of scene breaks when splitting chapters but one or 2 times I think they might've ended or began on lower notes than others lol (looking back, the end of chap 3, I think? Didn't have big closure but it worked perfectly since the next scene was such a big one to start chap 4 with).
Long story short, it's just a weird scene-by-scene balancing act XD But I'm happy to explain and hope it helped you!
@hexoddz: I wouldn't have a booth but I'd be more than happy to draw something up for you if you're there! X3
Hey guys!!

So I'm thinking of going to Anime Expo in LA this year! If anyone is going/thinking about going and wants to meet up let me know!

It's such short notice and I'll prolly end up going by myself so I'd love the company~!

(feel free to pm me or email me at
@missbrock: Lol!! Man, he's older than we thought XD