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Just 2 fujoshi trying to survive life by making the gay comics

The almighty support system:
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@Ina: Yup! Book 1 is available at our store (link to it in the menu bar) ;D
Second volume of S&S is currently at the printers! Here’s a sneak peak of the front cover.

Chapter 9 starts next Friday! Fanworks contest also ends next week (where you guys can win book 2)!
Also thank you guys so much for being so supportive during my 2 week break, I’ve been hard at work on comic pages behind the scenes and can’t wait for the next chapter ;)
A few people have commented wondering where Wes has been lately.. He was here the whole time filming for you guys! How ELSE would we have gotten this footage? ;P
@Val: Yes! Email works just fine!
End of Chapter 8! I'm going to be on a 2 week hiatus unfortunately so I can have a bit more time to work on pages, sorry for the cliffhanger!

In the meanwhile I will be posting artwork here instead on Fridays and we still have our fanworks contest going this month :)

Chapter 9 will start March 29th!
(with it starting on Patreon on march 18th)
@ShadowThorn: ACK my dumbass set it to update at noon instead of midnight. Getting it fixed now! 😅
HEY EVERYONE! We're holding a fanworks contest this month and you're all invited!!

You can check it out here, we'd love to see what you guys come up with! 😊
@Guest: I thought you said Kim has a big penis
@Guest: 😂 I’m not going with you dad, you like penis!
@Guest: Your moves are weak
@Gnildryw: Ha! I can see how that wording can get confusing 😅 Kylee bought weed and other street drugs for himself as well as for his old housemates (Sean and Foster) from these guys since he’s got the good connection. Hope that clears it up!
@portisHeart: Think of the ranch like a checkpoint between all of the drug buddies
@waving_cheshire: If that was a Trixie reference then I love you 😂
(Learn how to bid for an original painted snowboard from me through a charity art auction!)
@gamerkatie: 😂😂😂
(Happy Holiday season! ^^)
@비시훕 보 : “you cant just milk me and leave” LOL!! 😂

(Also thank you!! And we just call it a webcomic :P)
Man I’ve been fuckin up the scheduled uploads all over the place lately. Happy early update!
@Izzi allens: Okay, I always find it interesting to see how comment debates flow on this site—I do love discussions and analyzing—but I’m getting a bit tired of seeing these boys getting called rapists or thinking there’s any non-consent going on.

If there are those reading this story mistaking Kimrick’s (or Kylee’s) shyness/confusion/hesitance about where their relationship is going (sexual or otherwise) as any sort of rape scenario, then that’s fine, you’re free to leave to greener and more vanilla pastures but also know that this comic is the furthest thing from actual non-consent and I do not like the thought of others reading the comments and being negatively influenced by such false accusations. It’s a scene about a guy trying to heal a closeted/troubled gay man in an intimate way, not try to “take advantage of him” in the bedroom and I’m sorry that some people can’t see that.

Also to think so little of the characters that if they WERE in any sort of nonconsensual situation that they couldn’t/wouldn’t fight the other off or do the right thing is a bit insulting to the writing/characters themselves. We treat these characters as real people with real hesitance and emotion, not some rape fantasy archetypes from a 90's yaoi manga.
@polarcomics: 😂😂😂