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Just 2 fujoshi trying to survive life by making the gay comics!

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@EmiruZaiikawa: Thank you so much!! It makes me so happy to hear people enjoying it and looking forward to it each week! -^u^-
@djay: Aaw thank you!!! I’ve seen a few comments like ‘why not upload more’ (which I try to take as a compliment that readers want more each week but it still feels like I’m disappointing someone haha) but rarely do people bring up consistency which we do try to focus on so thanks for the shout out! ❤️
@minty: He probably would! 😂
@kzq: Aaaw I knew about him and his Kylee, we tried to meet up but my friend and I were at the AMV contest when they showed up! ;u;
Hi everyone! We're going to take this relatively quiet page as a chance to chat!

1. I don't feel we draw enough attention to our fanworks here. Be sure to check out the fanart/fanfics/cosplay in our Extras section because holy shit, you guys are so amazing and deserve all the attention!! Also on our Links page you can find comic translations by readers just wanting to spread the BL love in other languages!

2. Be sure to check out our Patreon if you're new since we haven't plugged it in a while. (I know for our Q&A we had a lot of S&S art requests and that'd be the place to go for them!)

3. Lastly I'm going to be wandering around Anime Expo this weekend so if anyone is going and wants to meet up, feel free to message us! No booth but I'll have merch with me and I'd love to hang out with you guys and fangirl over shit together :)

Anyway that's about it, hope everyone's liking the comic so far! The downtime is coming to a close and the drama llamas are about to rise ;)
@ShadowThorn: (he can hold his liquor pretty well, don’t drink and drive kiddos! ;P)
@Scarletlovey: “kai-lee” (rhymes with the name Riley) if that helps!
@SmittenHollow: Aaah that's so cool that our boys are inspiring you!!

And it's definitely been a long road as an artist! It's really hard for me to put all the answers into either born-with-the-art-gene vs just straight up never stop creating or doodling (ex: there were those I was jealous of in some of my art classes that stopped all art once they hit college onward and now can barely draw at all. So I'm leaning toward overall passion and persistence?)

As cheesy as it sounds, it really does take a lot of practice. I guarantee most if not all webcomic artists didn't just pick up a pen and be great one day. Also seeing as how you already have characters/story/a goal in mind, I'm thinking you may even have a head start since you wouldn't be drawing aimlessly!

I guess some helpful advice to end on is you could always try tracing (from photos, manga, etc) as practice. It sounds like cheating but it can really give you a good idea of anatomy, proportion, expressions, etc if no classes or models are immediately available (hell, I used to trace Sailor Moon characters all the damn time back in the day! :P) Hope that helps!!
@SmittenHollow: Aaw what a cool question! So my dad is an artist but we have very different tastes in art (him: abstract painting, me: illustration/comics) so I guess you could consider it inherited?

But I also believe that if you stick with something long enough and have a desire/passion for it, your genes might not matter. I’ve been drawing ever since I was a kid and would draw up my own Pokémon and Digimon with friends in elementary school and then started drawing my own comics from middle school onward for fun, never getting bored or stopping. So I dunno how it is for other artists but that’s how it went down for me! :P
@sandyvon: ohmygod that was beautiful 😂😂😂
@DarkLemon: *whispers subtley* that would be amazing 😍
@Jyxzu: Exactly! Hence the boys’ work hours being so early in the morning and stopping by early afternoon. No one wants that heat!
@Jyxzu: You’re not wrong assuming Texas weather sucks because it really does! We get MAYBE 2 months of actual winter (with the coldest point usually being 30F/-1C). Our mild weather, like right now in the comic, only lasts a maybe a month or two at 70-90F/21-32C and the rest of the year is literally set at 90-100F/32-38C or higher)

This has been Red, your Weatherwoman for this evening! ;D Hope that gives you guys around the world a better taste of how shitty here can ge—I mean hey come to Texas, it’s so fun!
@Jyxzu: If it helps clear up some of the hat confusion for you guys: 1. they do make lighter material beanies (and layered clothing) that are more for fashion than function (I had a hat like this in high school haha)

2. The comic at the moment takes place around May since we just celebrated Dylan’s birthday and in Texas the weather is still at the cold or not cold stages (either a cool week or cold mornings/warmer afternoons).

3. This is the only time Kylee would ever be outside anyway since when he’s with Charlie they’re working indoors or driving in a car so he gots air conditioning ;P
@mintypepper44: Aaaw thank you!! As dated as the artwork is (to me, at least), I still love those boys so much, so glad to hear they still get love from others too! ❤️
@Immortal_Witch01: OMG yes, Bill!!! Panda eye make-up and all!
@Guest: To clarify, adult age in the US is typically 18, 21 is the legal drinking age :) Kimrick was just yelling about their age gap more than anything
@Prism: (I’m sneaking in to clarify that Kim was just pulling his hand away from Kylee trying to hold it from the last page. There was some misconception on Patreon too if Kim was getting ready to backhand the boy but nope, he just don’t like the coddles 😋)
(Pssst!! Interrupting Kimmy experiencing some feels to let y’all know the store has some new merch in it! Including Spurs & Stripes volume 1! Store link is in the menu bar~)