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HI! im a person who loves art and does things like play pokemans
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    My Skype Username is Slyarch
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I can use this for my comptetive stuff. Kalpuaf
@bluefiredragon: Umm when did i advertise hierarchy on lockers forum channel?
I am back. Commissions are open.

Check my game. Pokemon Hierarchy. TWTIITER: @PkmnHierarchy
shhhhhhhhh I never said the comic wouldnt be completed did i?
they all died also check my twitter out
They failed the Nuzlocke Challenge yay? whats up next i have no idea
i am continuing the comics!
I don't know if i can continue this but i will try hard i have a lot on my plate don't expect too see a single update near this time
For more about the game

And updates

thanks you
guys im back take a look at my game
@silver-wolf: can u link us too the comic?
Guys lets make a comic about the dude whos annoying
this noob doesn't deserve to be banned form a few comics... The smackjeeves community should block his ip address
shut up nigga now one like a sour looser your adick my art is bad on ms paint and i admit it i try to improve it every comic
Hello! fans i really dont have much time to work on this comic because i have many other rpojects like my own pokemon game bu tdont worry ill still post!
O hahahahaha Great! Keep the comics up and stay in touch with the nuzlocke community
the last few cmics