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I feel like Fjordor is gonna win. He has much more experience after all.
@Kique7 I love your new picture too. What does the word at the bottom mean. Home? ouo
@Adana: Sorry for the late reply. Dx

But yes I agree with you, you aren't alone in this. I wish we had seen more conflict with Raimo and had seen Rhov, Jahla and Keirr mourning over Zilas dead body. Maybe even see them burying the body? It would have been nice if they lead Zahira and Raimo over by Zilas...have them say their final goodbyes.

I hope that we'll get to see something like this in future scenes.
@Professor Salt: I noticed his bio as well. It's completely different from what was shown in the comics in both Asmundr and Home. He doesn't seem to have a huge ego. He just seems to be a playful teen in Asmundr and a catious adult who's trying to learn the ropes of being a leader in Home.

But I definitely see the part where he has to look for guidance from his father and Jahla and how inexperienced he is.
I Agree!
@Adana You are definitely not alone...I feel the same way.

I found it odd that Keirr would accept Aria just like that. He's not showing any cation or suspicioun towards Aria.

Even if his boi was changed for this current page he still will always put family first. He still has trust issues and he definitely doesn't know this dog on a personal level. Yeah she shared her story but so what? They aren't close to each other. They need to build that bond. I was hoping to see Keirr say " You can come with me aND we'll figure out what to do wit you." He'd say it with a bit of suspicioun. But he feels so OOC here.

I also agree with your other points..the lack of reaction with these characters when they also hear that someone is a killer is quite silly. Most would be on edge and get defensive when a stranger tells them they're a murderer.
Oh, my Atty, what have you been doing? ;D
November 8th, 2016
@Kylor: Oh nothing. xD Just making a small joke of the dogs being stabbed.
November 8th, 2016
Stabby Stab.

Well, this is a good decision on her part, leave the toxic relationship and go back to her true family. But as you said @DragonWolfOtaku Ranulfr and Lifa need eachother...he'll possibly either force or beg her to stay but whatever Ranulfr next move is I'm not sure if I'll like it. And as someone said before she shouldn't have openly admitted it because she may have put herself and the pups at think Ranulfr is really going to let them go that easily? I truly don't think so. The next pages will indeed be interesting. But the most saddest and scariest thing to see in this page is Lifa tucking her tail between her legs...she's usely a strong female but you can see the fear in her eyes and body language, she's pulling a Niita if you ask me which is normal since Ranulfr is so much larger than her. I really wanna see Ranulfr reaction. Will he chase after her, force her to stay, beg her or worse? And the worse could be injuring her or killing her so he can keep the pups to himself or keep her trap if she's unable to move due to injuries.
Guys I know you all have your rights to comment, but this is exactly why Kique disabled it. We can't have nice things because some people won't let shit go. Just enjoy the comic and stop commenting if you all continue having a war with the other. I don't quite frankly care who started it, but Kique wanted to end it, but it seems it's not ending. Just chill, stop blaming eachother, stop hating on characters and show some respect to them, keep a negative comment to does Kique seriously have to make a rule sheet for you all? Because apparently so. I'm not being mean I just think it's ridiculous to bring negative comics on Asmunder site. You all can have your opinions but when it gets nasty that's when you just have to be done with it and move on. Jesus Christ. >>
Awww Jahla seems upset when her mother told her it was all in her head...I know how worried Lifa must be bust still..And we finally get to see Rohgir talking! He really does seem to be the eldest brother who teases his siblings and would most likely grow up as the hot-tempered bad boy. Argeirr seems like a follower and would most likely follow and obey anyone more dominant than him. cx