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Hello Gay Duckies... =D

My name is Christina, Though my pen name is Tia Suzu. I live in a pink house somewhere in Louisiana...YAY!? I enjoy reading webcomics and my favorite Genres are Romance and Comedy.

I can draw..but I'm still not as good as the people you see on here ranking the top, but I'm working on it!

I currently have a webcomic in the making...or am trying to.. The story is completely ready.. it's just that the problem is HOW to make it..or something like that.

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Dr.Kinesis: Have you ever hosted a company picnic? If so, how did that end up?

Are we allowed to ask our protagonists questions as well? If so:

Maro and Fay: If you became Kevin's sidekicks in kicking crime butt, what would your costumes look like?
>Become awkwardly saved by Amazingman
Welcome back! Its been quite a while!
Sorry to hear that your hand is still giving you complications, but I'm glad you decided to start this up again!
My face glowed when I noticed this was first in my updated favorites.

I'm really glad you're starting this up again!
You always seem to update when I'm doing homework. It's actually a good thing for me. XD

The random-ness of this comic make me laugh. So it boosts me up to read updates whenever I'm in the middle of something extremely boring.

Nice update! Talori falling asleep(again) made me laugh.

It gives lots of time to develop characters and stuff.
Oh... well FU.

I'll just comment again. :<
More fans means more entries for contests. :D

I wish I could talk to rabbits... or cats... or maybe dogs.
This seems like an interesting story!

I like the second to last panel the most. Anyway, keep up the good work! XD
I like how Sofia turned out in the last panel.

Sofia is just....amazing. XD
LOL. I read the story info and made a ':O' face. XD

Can't wait to see pages up!
Ah it fills me with glee to see updates!

Your telling the story just fine by the way. I love Vin's expression in the first panel.
Ouchie! XD

I love this page!
Aww does that mean you won't be accepting anymore guest comics? I was going to make something too. =<

Anyway, this is so cute!

Silly Alice.

I swear I learned all this last year... but I guess I forgot. LOL