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24 year old college graduate with a degree in multimedia.
the way the characters are laid out, the poses of everyone, the crack in the background, are we sure this isn't a cutscene right before a battle with an rpg transition?

random thought, i was wondering, if Max and the other kids were Jrpg classes, what would you imagine they would be?
@Valigarmander: place holder or not, I love the cleverness. I was pondering what the hell the title could be while binge reading the archives
December 18th, 2017
sooooooo we getting the second panel as a poster right?
Twinkiesama drew this between her commissions due to the influx of this getting more readers!
Shin Megami Tensei?
Sorry we got more filler for ya, Twinkiesama still has a whole lot of commissions she has to do... so we have a monster featured later in the chapter to hold ya over, also some news. gonna be making some short Omo focus 3-4 panel comics soon.
Uploading this a day early since we've been missing updates the past couple of weeks. Gonna get back on our usual update schedule!
Sorry for the late update! Beginning of the summer has been busy and Hectic. Twinkie sama got a commission she is busy with and I started writing for a gaming blog. We both didn't notice it was past monday til now lol. Here is some pixel art to tide ya over til next monday!
due to a combo of me being sick right after coming back from the con, and the con taking up most of our time. We will have to upload a new page next monday. If you went to fanime I hope you had a great time! Like to thank my friend for making a filler image i could use.
Me and Twinkie sama will be at fanime this coming weekend! the hype is real!!!!!
sorry for the late update, was away from my computer all day today
Twinkie sama got a bit distracted. Be back next week!
Another main character finally!!!!
@scandinavian: it's an old animation/drawing trick to keep detail without sacrificing extra work time. goku's hair does it all the time too.
Be back next week
We got busy with stuff this week, but don't worry we will be back uploading stuff next week! Also I will be having a game coming out soon on the google play store so keep an eye out for it! (post more info about it soon)
February 27th, 2017
bruh.... Darcy + cosplay = yaaaaaaaaaas!

she is like the best fucking wonder women!

i think its also because i like her in different hairstyles
Hi! i've been binge reading this for the last couple days and loving everything about this comic!
February 17th, 2017
@Almightyra: i mean i know we are crazy, but not that crazy lol
annnnnnd we are back!!! sorry for the long wait!