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"A man has only one life but history can remember you forever"
I live by those words and I will make sure you all remember me!
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I hope my mute Character Oda appears again soon.
I actually want to see Amy win this one.
Amy will kill you!
@King_Rover: Glad to see you still have the same old sense of humor.
@King_Rover: Oh god it is you!
Rover I am Odamadillo from Sonic Turbine I used your character in my Comic The Underground league! How have you been mate!
Nice comic but tell me Rover do I know you?
Nice comic! I think I am gonna like where this is heading.
Now this is interesting!
Scarlet Traitor? Hmm doesn't sound too good. But the comic is.
Welcome back! And nice comic.
@Shard: Great that gives me something to look forward to on those days.
You stopped putting effort into it? ha I haven't even updated my comics for ages. at least your updating.
Hmm lets just see where this goes.
Don't let the geezer be deleted will ya!
Same old sy making himself the center of attention again.
January 3rd, 2013
Sonic is gonna finally get his butt kicked!
I'd love to be part of this but I think I'm too late.
December 27th, 2012
Hmm predictable.
What happened to Impmon! And I look forward to next Christmas now.