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I am currently writing a FanFic based in the Gen4 Pokemon universe. I have a self-proclaimed talent at writing...
I'm still here. I've been checking every few weeks, debating sending you a personal message.

Good luck trobl. Godspeed, little Eevee.
Yknow, if you guys wanted, I could try and whip up a stat-grid for Katsu (Using a template based off of the other fire starters, especially chimchar and tepig, as they're also melee fighters), but that'd be unnecessarily pedantic and possibly off topic.

I'd assume stat allocation priority would be attack->hp->speed->special attack->defense==special defense (Glass cannon, priority physical).
*grins maniacally*

I just read the link. I understand your view entirely.
Good alt text for this would be

"The same old song & dance"
@Guest: I don't really play hacked games any more, but there IS something deeply enjoyable about watching people play the really disturbing ones.

(Nicholas Cage edition Majora's Mask, anyone?)
Yknow, I've never understood why the site buttons are "First", "Last", "Next", and "Today".

I understand First, Next, and Today, but for some reason, Last just doesn't parse for me.

It'd probably be better served if it was changed to "previous".

I know it's been going on since the beginning of the comic, (But i'm feeling extra pissy today due to the flu, so I'm finally complaining today.).

About the comic itself:

Bokyuruh: Dammit, are we just going to recruit EVERY pathetic looking loser that we come across into our team?

Iten: Hey now, you recruited me, didn't you?

Bokyuruh: *Stares*

Iten: HEY!?!

Also: My Immortal Upload?

Damn.. I'd really like to write critique on it, but I don't think I'm in the right state of mind for it. Definitely going to listen though.

Interesting. The comments accept certain html5 codes, but won't let me build tables. Oh well.
@Malc Modnar:
Perhaps his human knowledge will have insight on how best to cook and consume the fish, at that.
@Malc Modnar:
Hehe, boy do I know that feel, Malc.

I'm thirty chapters into my own fanfiction, and I've lost all interest in writing it. I swore that I wouldn't let it slip into haitus, but I've went and done it, and now I can't get back into it. I remember the characters, and where I planned to go, but I can't find the path: I've written myself into a corner, and I still can't decide how to get to where I need to be.

Yes, Thirty chapters. I wrote twenty-five chapters that I'm proud of, and then I hit the 3/4 mark, and I lost all steam: I still need to decide on which set of "Heroes" from the EO T/D/S I should use, and that's the smallest bit. I have no clue how to write a real gritty story, which in order to conclude itself, the story needs to morph into.

Heck, I can't even convince myself to edit what I've written.

Sorry Trobl for ranting in your comment section, but I've been meaning to write this reply for Malc for a while, and it sorta got out of hand.
I'm willing to wait as long as it takes for the next comic. Your work is good, so we stick around!

(Besides, I still frequent comics that go MONTHS without updates. A single, or even a couple months off for a r/l issue is not only acceptable, but encouraged.)
Hehehe... I'm looking forward to Q&A.

(Glowers maliciously)
Yknow, I can't help but imagine how cute it would be if the baby lapras was on top of the larger lapras, like a spiny-blue turtle stack.
Well, regardless of what circumstances this is occurring under, the next page will determine the path the comic goes.
Now the question is whether or not Bokuruh decides to go with denial, sorrow, or blame.

I'd put regret or mortification on the list, but I doubt that's in the cards.

Bokuruh's already broken, if not a borderline sociopath, but potentially she is indeed recoverable.

Interestingly enough, having her lash out at Iten like this is actually GOOD for his long term survival. If she's already accused him of something this "important", and been proven both correct, and deflected, then she has no reason to continue probing for potentially fatal information, such as Iten's heritage. After all, after getting your nose stuffed into it is often good cause to lay low for a while.
Hey trobl, forgot to mention last page, but when you do the reading, try to read a chapter in an entire monotone. As in, try not to laugh, cringe, or pause.

You will fail.

@the page:

The underdog is only the underdog because it really hurts to get bitten in the gut.
O hai trobl how u doin

"Also: Life Update: ... "

Bokyurah be salty.

Wonder if Iten can talk his way out of this before she goes completely insane.


They hit at the worst times.
Wow, this is an absurd amount of comments.

Been forever since we've had a response like this.
I don't understand how Iten's heterochromia would make him any more suspicious.

Everything he's done could, and probably SHOULD be explained away as him being a noncombat pet that was released by a fleeing trainer, just before said trainer was hunted down.

That'd explain his empathy, relatively sheltered viewpoints, and urge to communicate with humans again.
"Uhhh.... what act?!?!" *nervous laughter*

"You know what I'm talking about."


"Don't deny it. It's obvious. Did you think I was an idiot for not noticing?"

"..." *Faints*

"... I was just going to say that it's obvious you aren't as innocent as you say you are..."