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Once again sorry for the chaotic schedule, still working on my non-PMD comic. Should be showing up around here this summer, hopefully!

Also; I have a twitter now! @BurakkuIntruder for those who want to stalk me
@Zoroark_illotionist: Everyone is shipped with Mercrode I guess
Fuck this.

So I know I said the comic would be drawn from now on but it turns out I'm weak as shit and really insecure about literally everything about my art, between that and the fact that I'm working on like two other projects on the side I've decided to continue using sprites (With art thrown in ocassionally as you can see here). That should speed up the process of finishing off this thing by a considerable amount.

(I'm still going to switch to drawing the pages later down the road tho as I said before dont worry)

Also no this is not an April Fools thing but I might as well throw in something about that too

Full drawing right here!
Oh hey look an update after a trillion months have passed this is truly feeling like a MS Paint Adventure

I'm going to be a shill for a moment and just drop here that I have a new CYOA comic set in the same world called Dile M for Mystery. if PMDS goes through droughts Dile M might update more so check it out if you want!
Once again, sorry for the wait. It was pretty difficult coming up with a new style that wasn't too different from the sprites, though I think I hit an acceptable middle ground?

<s>also I've been playing Sonic Mania and Hiveswap the temptation was too high</s>
@Twistersisters22 : Soon

Next page is nearly finished but I'm busy with IRL things atm