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Heya call me either Nero or Black Intruder

I'm some imbecile who makes stupid comics whether they're drawn or with pixel art i'm terrible at both

my tumblr's ''theblackintruder'' but i barely even use it
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I'm going to be a shill for a moment and just drop here that I have a new CYOA comic set in the same world called Dile M for Mystery, if PMDS goes through droughts Dile M might update more so check it out if you want!
Once again, sorry for the wait. It was pretty difficult coming up with a new style that wasn't too different from the sprites, though I think I hit an acceptable middle ground?

<s>also I've been playing Sonic Mania and Hiveswap the temptation was too high</s>
@Twistersisters22 : Soon

Next page is nearly finished but I'm busy with IRL things atm

(I'm aware of the spelling error here btw I'll fix it once I have the time)
@WildfireK: Don't worry about the _, it's not really needed. The ''>'' is enough to consider it a command.

(Whenever there is either a relatively long string of updates or plot-related shenanigans the above will pop up. Any new commands posted won't be taken into account until ''>Enter Command'' appears again.)
@Blaze01: I initially based the kanto birds off of TheRunawayGuys' personalities. Zapdos here was Chuggaaconroy, Moltres was NCS and Articuno ProtonJon. Nowadays the only LPer I actually follow is Jon tho
And now you know why I haven't come here as much. Some of you might love hearing this, others probably won't, but...

This comic will be entirely drawn from now on.

Working on last page, I realized that after all these years, spriting this comic was becoming too monotone and tedious. It's probably going to be hard to get used to drawing it, but in the end it'll pay off better than sprites. I was already planning to make the switch later down the road anyways, so it won't change much.
@VoiceOfDeath: I'm aware that the main group consists of mostly guys, but that's 2011 me's fault. More than half of the main cast of Temporal Shadows is female, if it makes you feel better
@twistersisters22: Working on it. I've been incredibly busy this past month, especially because I'm changing the way I'm doing the pages from now on. You'll see soon
Back pains huh

Once again sorry for the wait, I've been busy with some rp-related things and actually updating the site layout to look nice. I did a decent job I guess

Also I updated the Temporal Shadows character page but that's not relevant yet
Jesus christ getting used to this new setup is like the deepest circle of hell

Anyways ninjas
@Guest: It's OK, I can understand getting a bit nervous when something you're reading goes on hiatus, but life's life