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I like reading and enjoy reading people's comics. And I love anime XD. And I also love Doctor Who.
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I still don't trust that audino.
Who is night? A mystery XD
That kabutops is uterly screwed and chose the wrong growlithes to mess with.
This is a really well drawn out comic. I love that a skarmory and umbreon are on a team together and then you have a cute cubone to. I'm a new fan and faving this comic.
Aaaaawwww poor Andy how could you not like him look at that adorable face. And pages of Kynim meeting Nina's pokemon would be cool but if you don't have the time that's fine.
@Match (Guest): I have a few comics on my page that you may like since you like this comic so much.
Hahahahaha it blew up, guess it couldn't handle umbreon data.
Wow she's scared of a caterpie that's hilarious XD.
Wow he's got alot to think about. Hopefully he can figure some things out. And she should be a little bit nicer to him.
Hahahahaha that face, no one can resist the face of cuteness now look at it! Look at it and face the chaos you have brought down on yourself for cornering the growlithe brothers XD.
If your a Disney princess and the birds are killing each other than your in a really dark disney movie...or a creepy pasta. O.O
Burk: "Gigi where have you been!?" "Where did you disappear to!?"
Gigi: " oh you know just training my pokemon and then going to another world as a pokemon and saving it. How about you?"
That's sad to hear, *hugs*,I hope you manage to get things figured out. And take as long as you need all of us will be here when you do manage to return to this comic. You have another fan for this comic as well if that makes things any better and I'm also faving it.
I freaking love your comic, it's amazing, one of the best nuzlockes that I've come across. I like your unique art style and I highly enjoy the show references that you put into your comic such as Adventure Time, Space Dandy, Gurren Lagaan, and Doctor Who, I love all four of those shows. I also like that you make stickers and key chains and such. I'm thinking about buying a few of those eevee key chains they are so cute. And I see that your a fan of Kill La Kill not to many people know of that show which disappoints me. Anyway enough of my rambling you now have another supporting fan and I'm going to fave this comic.
Oh god now it see's him as a jolteon, and I think a page of what happened with Sora would work.
Well this story looks pretty interesting. The way you draw your pokemon is pretty good to. And I really like that lucario, hope to see him or her later on in the story. You have another supporting fan and now to fave this comic.
Well now there's something to think about to whoever plays that game, getting down to the deep stuff.
Poor guy, I'm guessing that his memories are making it hard for him to proceed. But Jen will most likely snap him out of that.
@Koren: No, no he does not XD.
@Nekomata-chan: I'm sorry to hear that your depressed and feeling unmotivated *hugs*, I hope that you feel better. Don't push yourself to put pages up if your not in the mood to do so. We can wait however long it takes.