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Heya! I'm Callifer, but most people call me Callie. I like drawing, writing stories, playing piano, singing and playing video games, especially Super Smash Bros. 4, Pokemon and Kirby! My other profiles are on DeviantArt ( and Google+ (

Yes, I am a Kirbu. Not a Kirby. Don't judge.
@silver-wolf: You're welcome~

*evil smile*
I didn't get a chance to upload this before school, but whatever. That's Firestar and Tigerstar. :3
What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again~
I have mini comics as well, but they're very messy and I haven't put them on DeviantArt yet. So you'll have to wait for those.
Aaaaaargh this guy is so awesome...

Note: Sniper Joe is not Blues. Sniper Joe is Sniper Joe.
Oh, yes. About the Subspace Emissary and CaMWW comics. As soon as I stop procrastinating, I'll do them. I have about one of the next two Subspace pages sketched.
Mah favorite pony of the Mane Six!
Okay hullo. I'm not dead, contrary to not-so-popular belief. School has started, and I've been sketching a lot! (Mostly Mega Man stuff, but whatever.) Prepare for sketches!
"Twinkle, twinkle, little spike,
How you all look so alike.
Up above this level's sky,
If you touch them, you will die.
Twinkle, twinkle, little spike-
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL BE NEXT?! *.*

YUS! Star Man!

Core is probably gonna find a way there. There's no escaping him.
Mega Man's lucky it works better for him. I bet Wave Man's jealous, though. "How come it's random for me and not him?!"
This is an amazing comic. It's sad that I only found it recently, four years after it ended, but oh well. Bravo, DHK! Bravo!
A request from my cousin Walker! He made all the configurations, all I did was the pose and the actual artwork.
Rushwing after he was exiled. Kinda feel bad for him... First he watches his brother die, then he gets exiled for something he didn't do. Hard life.

Ignore the lines on the right ear, they were just there one day and I couldn't undo them out.
"What do you mean, don't look behind me?"
Guess who's back? :D

I'm starting to do more complex characters. I think this one turned out well! :D
@silver-wolf: I've gotta say Dovewing. The very first Warriors book I've ever read was the Fourth Apprentice. Also Ashfoot.
Meet Snowflake. She's a nature lover that's kind of shy, but she's very kind.

I'm a stone-cold flower killer, I know. Plant Man does not approve.

(Notice: I'm going to South Carolina for my great-grandma's 100th birthday, yay! Unfortunately, I won't be able to get on much. Expect a two-week hiatus for both of my comics and my art dump.)