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alright, but seriously whose ideal man isn't Dante? he's damn hot.
ohmygod. yOU UPDATED. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. THANK YOU. I LOVE THIS WEBCOMIC AND YOUR ART SO MUCH. TT^TT I hope to see more pages in the future, but don't stress yourself. c:
seriously though, just the way you shade and draw eyes and hair it's mAGICAL AND I LOVE IT.
also, sensei's got it soo bad for takumi O^O also, thank you so much again for updating ;^; <3 I hope your christmas is wonderful.
@smudgeart: !!
the website I use opens a new tab for an ad as soon as you click but it only does that once when you go there. I use but I don't know if you would want to read it online because like you said you'd like to buy some books. but like you said the manga websites can be butts sometimes. :P
I have managed to secure wifi for a tiny time being cause i'm stuck in a laundromat now :/
also, thanks i'll try your idea and maybe, hopefully something good will come out of it.
also, I have a question do you or would you feel comfortable talking on other websites too or not? I mean I know some people aren't but I really really like talking to you and it'd be fun to communicate more frequently ;-; however if you don't want to or if you don't feel comfortable that's okay. I'm going to be straight out honest and tell you that I'm not a creeper or anything like that I'm just a regular teenager with an addiction to the internet and too much time. if you have facebook (godawful website yes, but it works) or tumblr I could show you my cat and we could discuss one piece more. :I aGH. I'M SORRY GOD. I FEEL SO AWKWARD I JUST WANT TO TALK MORE OFTEN ;-;
@smudgeart: ahhh that sounds great c: I'm only caught up in the manga though not the anime. I haven't gotten very far in the anime sadly ;-; I'm only somewhere near the jaya arc. ;^; I have a feeling that you'll love brooke though he's a great character although he's another pervert just like sanji c: ugh, I really need to get caught up in the anime though. it sucks because I haven't had internet connection as often as i'd like since there's alot of crap happening right now ;-; I'd love to just have a one piece marathon and get through the jaya and skypiea arcs, that would be awesome. I hope that your issues get solved soon c: also, I love how much your art has changed throughout the whole webcomic, it's always amazing to see that. I honestly want to start drawing again but I haven't had any inspiration recently ;-; and that always sucks. anyways, good luck with everything and enjoy one piece, I hope we'll be able to talk more soon. ^ - ^
@smudgeart: I hope that we may discuss our one piece feels together sometime in the near future because that'd be awesome c:
!!! You replied ;u;
@smudgeart: I honestly think that this fanart is wonderful ;u; if I tried it wouldn't turn out as nice as this one. I have many luffy feels as well, i've been keeping up with all the new chapters of one piece and honestly i'm so stuck on that series. it's so good and luffy is like the most infectious character in good terms I mean c: the water 7 arc though, that was like one of the most intense ones O^O yet it was absolutely wonderful. I feel proud that I've made someone's week ;u; p.s. I really really love this webcomic. it's absolutely adorable and your art style is just so fabulous. <3 I completely forgot what my icon was until I saw it when the comment appeared, but if I remember correctly I believe it was a picture from tumblr, I don't remember who made it but credits to the wonderful artist. may bunnies bless the wonderful people who grace us all with fanart.