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A geek who loves to create comics with computer software.
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    Steve Cheng
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@stormbringer77: Love AC Odyssey (as you can tell)
@ems: hee hee, they aren't very sharp are they?
@Guesticus: Is that Elmer Fudd's daughter?
@Guesticus: haha, you meant "pull off" literally...I didn't get that the first time!
@Guesticus: Thanks for the info re: DCUO. I am currently hooked on Red Dead Redemption 2 --- haven't been able to play anything else (also fighting to remember to keep working on Merceneiress!)
@Dragonrider: Dabs certainly has the capability to transform, but Felina prefaced the fight with no "mind tricks..."
@Guesticus: I haven't played DCUO --- good game?
@Guesticus: I do too (sort of)! (oops, said too much...)
@E Hines: Poor Dabney. She did take combat, but she didn't mention what grade she got...unlikely an "A." You're right about Felina if she was fighting Tirin, she'd get the first knee in her face...but she probably knows the grade Dabney got in combat class and isn't too worried.
Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving!
@robnot: Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
@Guesticus: Felina is in defense mode --- not knowing exactly what is going on or who these people are --- confused and intrigued that these people are offering salvation especially after she was praying about it --- I think anger for her and some other people is an easier emotion to latch onto during such times --- so she is channeling her anger at Dabney --- the outcome of which may not be the best for poor Dabs.
@Guesticus: I just added some narrative to flesh out the scene...
@Ganurath: Sorry! Should be working now.
@E Hines: haha, well said and agree!
@robnot: Haha! Yes! Absolutely!
@Guesticus: No offense taken! I loved reading it! :)
@Guesticus: That's how I envisioned her originally --- misguided and self-centered, but with a conscience. Feeling sympathy is ok, but it doesn't mean she won't wallow in the consequences of her actions...
@Dragonrider: Abby's got a lot of repressed rage, just waiting to be released...
@awhorl: EXACTLY! It's her penitence outfit ----- the choking leather straps, the artery-compressing sleeves --- glad you found it amusing/hilarious (I sure did when picking that outfit!)