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@Guesticus: She does look like her doesn't she (in panel 6) - haha! Hey, I can't see the youtube video you linked.

@ems, E Hines, Guesticus: If Abby's thought process is not too clouded by Mirror's then she will realize, yes, revenge will be sweet, but meaningless if time is changed. The question is whether Abby will realize this...
@Ganurath: Haha! Abby's gravitational pull has intensified greatly indeed.

@ems: Heehee! Bikini girls who can dopplegang should have a place somewhere! Anyways, Dabney was being punished, so her outfit may not have been of her choosing...

@Zatoichi: Thank you so much for your kind comments! Glad you are enjoying the story so far!

@Guesticus: You're right about it being Mirror's world - she can have a sofa for guest Dabney that perhaps has some qualities to hold her there too (not that she could really go anywhere in the mirror, but hey, just in case). You got that right, in terms of Mirby Mistress.

@rob: yup, you got it. Mirror probably would have done away with Dabney, but Abby's got other plans for the bikini-clad doppleganger...
@Guesticus: Haha. I didn't realize she has had 4 different beds... I've noticed that when I place a new vote incentive at beginning of the month, it seems to have a higher rating temporarily anyways. I think there is a proportion of readers who like to see new incentives, so if I get them to vote at the beginning of month, Merceneiress keeps a higher rank...
@D.D.D. Destroyer: Thanks for the correction and for being patient --- I need to proofread better...

@Guesticus: I stuck with "tracker," but you're right "tracer" would have worked too.
@Zimriel: Haha -- good one - love that scene
Ok, I've revised panel 5 and 6 a bit. Lil' Tirin's blade is supposed to prevent the doppleganger's sword from striking her, but lil' Tirin's blade did not look like her blade was not really "underneath" the doppleganger's. Hope it looks more convincing now (still not perfect by any means, but hopefully better).
@Guesticus: Sorry for the downtime! I have been traveling and have spotty internet access. Happened to check the site this AM. One downside to this particular webhost is that they don't send any kind of "warning your subscription is about to expire" email. Haha, regarding how the armor stays in place (superglue?)
@rob: Yes, Happy Fourth!

@Feanor: Thanks, Feanor! Good points (spot on)!

@Guesticus: I am glad that effect came across (the slight differences in Tirin). Yay!

@rob: Older Tirin can see little Tirin's memories as they form, but not vice versa. Indeed...where is the gun?
@ems: Yes, gone is the oompa loompa look, in with the Violet Beuregarde scheme.

@Guesticus: Excellent points except I did use the same model for Tirin in this render (I think the suit accentuates certain body parts). Mirbby is a great name...

@D.D.D. Destroyer: Very observant (glad you caught that). Where is that body...

@Eboneye: Excellent point and conclusion.
@Kheda and @Eboneye: That's torn it is right! Or should I say mended it? We'll see in the near future.

@Guesticus: Haha - yes, wearing something is a good thing for Tirin, but maybe not for others...

@Karyl: Thank you, Karyl. Greatly appreciate it because I think expressions are so important for this kind of stuff. So glad you like them!

@Mysto and @Guesticus: Excellent observations and guesses --- those are the reactions I was aiming for...
@E Hines: Good questions. Let's say proximity is very important.

@Guesticus: Mirror sees an opprotunity...
@Guesticus: Haha - "come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination..."
That was a GREAT Star Trek episode that I saw as a kid --- it stoked the notion that one tiny person can affect an entire universe like a single drop of water sending ripples that affect an entire ocean --- it's why someone as insignificant as a nurse named Abby can cause a bumbling spy to have a crush on her and neglect his "duties" infiltrating the Empire, leading to a set of missed opportunities that would have changed the whole universe. Let's just say that if he infiltrates the Empire, a set of circumstances eventually lead him to accidentally throw a wrench into the Emperor's quest for time warps and hyperspace travel, ruining years of intensive research / study, setting the Empire back for decades. The Slorn don't need anyone else in the Universe discovering the secret of time travel, so they don't need someone as insignificant as Abby to prevent this from happening.
@Guesticus: I don't watch that show, but I looked up Aida/Ophelia --- yes, she'd be perfect to play Abby (that'd be the day -- Merceneiress the movie or tv series...)
@quarktime: You're right. Thank you for pointing that out!
@Guesticus: Not sure. Only way to find out is to walk in...
@Dean: Indeed. One appendix serves no function, neither does the second, third or fourth.

@guest1: I have heard of "duplicate appendix" or "double" appendix, but I was not aware that some people could have more than 2 (on Earth anyways)! Good to know!
@agedsage: I don't mind. I need someone to keep my grammar in check!
@Guesticus: Yes, you are right -- thank you, will correct.
@Guesticus: Yes, that is dirt (not blood)