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A geek who loves to create comics with computer software.
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    Steve Cheng
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@Quarktime: I loved Splinter of the Mind's Eye! So much I tried to create a comic of it, but that became too daunting for a 13 year old...
@Oz: I hope the vote incentive is working now? (I just tried it, seems to be working)
@Guesticus: next star wars saga will probably have a female sith... Glad you liked the vote incentive.
@Ebonbolt: Glad you found it! I put the DA link below the Patreon link, which is available on every page. But maybe it is not obvious enough?
@robnot: the safe word is: "Dopple"
@Guesticus: haha, thanks!
@Speedy: Thank you! Working on the next one...
@Speedy: Oops. You are right regarding the door (didn't notice that in the mirror) Corrected!
@Speedy: So true!
@Ganurath and @Guesticus: Both of your sense of smell is keen...
@Speedy: Haha! What a coincidence!
@Speedy: Love that song!
@Speedy: haha! That's a good idea if I ever try to get more pages out...
@Speedy: Very good points.
@Anonymouth: Haha!
@Speedy: Ah, sorry about that! The link should work now!
@Speedy: Good point. Probably underneath that pile of bones Tirin is lying on.