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A geek who loves to create comics with computer software.
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    Steve Cheng
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Hey folks, kind of a short page this week --- a little slow in the creation process lately... working through it though...
@Guest: Point taken. Modified the 2nd and 3rd panel...
@Guesticus: You're right, let's chalk it up to the designer Vay goggles she was wearing when she was out patrolling the outskirts.
@Guesticus: for whatever reason, that shot of her accentuates that (I don't think it is evident at other angles) --- not sure how to explain it! Not intentional!
@unicornfrog: Oscar never left, but at the moment, like you said, lil' Tirin is not in a state to see him...
@oldsarge: Glad you liked it! Hope you like the future stuff
@Guesticus: After Chapter 10 I took a hiatus (2014) and changed internet hosts when I decided to come back. I just looked at my "about" page --- reminded myself that I actually started in 2003 (I first posted on Renderosity at that time).
@Guesticus: oops, you're right --- it's been 10 years (unfortunately, with time also comes memory loss...)
@unicornfrog and @Guesticus: Thank you! It's been about 4, time passes...
@Ganurath: I'd like to take credit for that --- but I didn't intend it! The camera angle changed for some reason (was adjusting Billy's expression), but now that you pointed that out I am glad it worked out like that!!!
@Guesticus: lol
@D.D.D. Destroyer: A bit shameless (sorry).
@Guesticus: Tirin is seeing what big Tirin and Abby have been up to (which is detailed in Patreon). Let's just say she's seeing the "merceneiress after dark" stuff. The more important plot point is that for some reason, she is starting to have big Tirin's memories...
@gravity: I've changed that panel a bit --- now it looks like she is toasting Mistress.
@gravity: hee hee - Abby's holding it with magic while she speaks, but then will release as soon as she stops speaking (sorry that's a lame excuse, hunh?) I'll see if I can fix it.
@Guesticus: Thanks for pointing that out --- those pants weren't made for running! Corrected.
@Quarktime: I loved Splinter of the Mind's Eye! So much I tried to create a comic of it, but that became too daunting for a 13 year old...
@Oz: I hope the vote incentive is working now? (I just tried it, seems to be working)