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A geek who loves to create comics with computer software.
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    Steve Cheng
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@Guesticus: Haha, yes, a Tirin-less version of previous incentive. Thanks for voting.
@Guesticus: Chances are not great being in her position...
@robnot: Yah, she sure did.
@E Hines: Haha, yup
@Guesticus: Sorry to hear that. I've never had an issue with you using nicknames. I don't mind if readers don't have a valid email either...
@Guesticus: Say what? Who said that?!
@Guesticus and @E Hines: 5$ patrons from November did indeed see what items were selected and by who and how it all tasted...
@Kylo Stimpy: Awesome! We finally find out what happened to Ray! Thank you, Kylo Stimpy!
@ems: Sage advice
@Guesticus: You can't see it, but Abby is kneeling actually.
@Guesticus: At the beginning of the month usually (that's when votes reset to zero). So I put up a new incentive right before the new month, hoping to entice voters to keep voting. I found that if I don't do that, for some reason, the comic rank goes way down! Not sure why.
@Guesticus: Agree. Bitch doesn't necessarily mean evil. I've got plans, but you know, they can change...
@Kylo Stimpy: Game of Thrones Final season next month! Can't wait!
@ems: Originally, the colors of their fireballs were different colors (green and blue), but after looking at the final render, I decided to change their colors to match their respective complexion/hair color. Hey, if the hair looks radiant, the spells definitely gotta look radiant (I think that may be from some hair product advertisement)
@Guesticus: I'll try not to --- but the finale series next month may be too influential...
@WormRunner: LOL, now that'd be a novel spell. "Expecto Breastonum!"
@ManWithJoeName: Glad you liked it! Hope you continue to enjoy the story!
@Ganurath: Honestly, no, but with your comment, decided not to change it --- works out better that way!
@Dragonrider: they sure are and we will be jumping into chapter 16 soon...
@Ganurath: haha exactly