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@Guesticus: Yes, the original little Tirin was a different model. I tried to model the current lil Tirin to match the original, but you're right --- doesn't completely match. Perhaps the new timeline has altered her nose a bit :)

@Dragonrider: Glad you liked the new cover art! Yeah, I figured it was time for a change and you typified her expression brilliantly.
@Guesticus: Abby's magic ability developed without the ritual. Salock took her under her wing, grooming her to eventually take over when old enough, until she lashed out and pissed off Salock.
@Ganurath: haha you're right! awesome
@Guesticus: I like that comparison --- I wish they would have incorporated some of those non-canon Star Wars stories into the movies...
@Ganurath: WOW! You got it! Dang, you're good! Do you have your own comic (or work at Blambot)?
@Ganurath: You got it! That was coming in the next page with a bit more...
@ems: an attempt to answer this question will be made on the next page, but the other question is whether Mistress is truly doing what everyone thinks she is supposed to be doing.

@Guesticus: Yup, you got it. Or it could mean Mistress wants it to last longer...

@Dragonrider: You're right, but remember, the wonder has not had his forced impotency happen yet...
@Dragonrider: This is a typical casual outfit for Yritai and other like-minded Saronians. Even her more "conservative" outfits are rather "form-fitting."

@ems: haha! she misunderstood that too cause hers seem to be affecting at least one of the pair...

@Guesticus: indeed, public tongue hanging is a violation among males in Saronian society (like littering in Singapore). Regarding the vote incentive, hence the name "Rapture" (that is actually the model's name - haha).
@Ganurath, @E Hines, @SoftSpot: the kiss of death would probably be preferred by the emperor rather than the slice of maim. Will Tirin and company give him a choice?
@Continuity: yes you're right -- similar vibe. Will it result in similar outcome?
@Dragonrider: thanks! Glad to hear you reread it (hope you still enjoyed it second time around). Abby loves old style cars as well as motorcycles (hint hint regarding next vote incentive)
@Guesticus: She grows it back just for the Emperor (with a little help of magical hair tonic)
@Guesticus: Or kill the emperor with...

@E Hines: Haha. I suppose any cloth would be overdressed. How about chains?

@Dragonrider: there you go, chains! Will have to do my best to fulfill...

@SoftSpot: glad you agree with Abby!
@Guesticus: The ability to create such expressions for her is a testament to the model --- very well made. You're right Tirin Prime is not the progenitor, but her loyal subject still treats her like royalty.

@Ganurath: You're right, her gaze is indeed pointed in that direction isn't it...
I'm glad you guys got it regarding Abby's expression --- was originally going to have her say something more obvious, but her expression says it all. Thanks, guys!
@Guesticus: Abbites --- like it. ?Smurf -- you mean her outfit?

@Ganurath and E Hines: Haha good question. I like the explanation of her tattoo being a Borg filament.

@Dragonrider: True true. They could have erased the Emperor and Mistress at the parental level, but at that time the Slorn are still around --- could add some additional levels of complexity in succeeding.
@awhorl and @woodsman: dang! married 41 years and 46 years? I've been married 28 years --- I close my eyes too (or I just take over the wheel)
@Dragonrider: Very sorry to hear about both your brother and your foster daughter. I've seen my share of tragedy and death unfortunately, but the story about your foster daughter hit me quite hard --- my imagination can come up with all kinds of weirdo sci fi stuff/stories/places like Saronia, other dimensions, time travel for people to read, enjoy, laugh at, but no amount of imagination could allow me to approximate the amount of pain you must have felt.
@Dragonrider, @Guesticus and @ems: Sariel is still spinning her tale about what happens in the future and this page represents further down the road in the distant future where this "utopia" developed. No need for an Emperor at this point, just the time syndicate --- indeed like a 1984 type of situation. A rebellion of sorts arises out of this apathetic universe where everyone is perfectly content (with nanos that make sure they feel that way). But I believe no matter how much we alter our humanity/nature, "mutations" one way or another will arise (as here, perhaps in the form of resistance to the nanos).

Haha, Dragonrider has the rules of marriage perfect (I follow them to the letter!)

Guesticus - good question - even among two wives there may be a wife and a husband...
Just a comment on Tirin's choices once Sariel's story is done --- I don't even know for sure what it will be --- I have a general idea of where the plot is going, but the small details on how to get there, especially in this kind of situation, is wide open. What's nice about reading your comments is getting a general sense of what you guys think might happen --- I must admit I have incorporated ideas suggested in the comments in the past, some even changing the path of the plot. So keep 'em coming!