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@Guesticus and Ebonbolt: Glad you both liked the expressions of Tirin (little Tirin and Big Tirin's). I am glad they elicited such reactions.

@Fafhred and Guesticus: Well said regarding why books never translate well to movies (especially books that have a special place in one's heart --- no matter what, they just won't translate to the same level in movie-form or mini-series form (all the DUNE ones). That being said, I have enjoyed some movies based on books because they captured the "essence" of the book, like The Fellowship of the Ring.
Can't say that about the Hobbit movies though, unless you're talking about the old animated one from 1977 which I love dearly ("the greaatest adventure is what lies ahead, today and tomorrow are yet to be said...")
@Guesticus: I didn't realize they were such huge fans of Dune. Too bad Frank Herbert didn't like them...
@Fafhred: haha --- and music in the background by a group named Toto...
@Jack of Clubs: That's true...never say never or no one will ever...
@ems: Yup - that anti-magic mask is a nice find...
@Guesticus: Thanks, glad you liked the reflections!
@Guesty McGuestFace: 85 is the number of a famous Crookspeed baller, Gawsix Threen, from the AstroGrounders Club.
@D.D.D. Destroyer: Thanks --- corrected!
@Guesticus: I just looked up the video --- ahh, the 80s --- nothing quite like that time musically and visually.

@Kitsap Charles: Loved that story --- I liked the attempted movie version too (Predestination).
@Guesticus: I don't think so...
@Guesticus: oops! Regarding Tirin's blood smeared face! Will correct!
P.S. Love reading everyone's comments --- once again, bringing up excellent points and makes me rethink things a bit...

If I don't respond to your comments directly, don't think less of me --- I really do enjoy reading them. Keep 'em coming, please!
@quarktime: Thank you - absolutely right. Corrected!
@Brianna Ort: I didn't think of that --- perhaps there could be a NSFW version of clothes-eating vomit-slime.

@Ganurath: Yeah, that would be easy money, eh?

@Guesticus: It does look like Tirin is about to cut herself --- the slime is quite tough, hard to control --- if it had any more sentience, it would do just that.
@Guesticus: Simple enough. Done.
@Ganurath: I updated the banner by consolidating Abby and Mirror and had an extra I put Flin in there, because with all of the crap that's going down with time in future pages, you never know...
@Guesticus: Auugh! Sorry! Correcting soon...
@Guesticus: I agree. Love the feedback you guys give --- please keep doing that!!!
Yes, it probably has been a long time since she trained --- I've changed panel 6 and I think it is more in line with that...