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@Lurker314: True - if a cheesy escape was in the plot, it would happen during the monologue...

@awhorl: he is definitely thinking of dropping down the vortex, but it would suck him in the direction of Sariel's sword, so he might decapitate himself --- although your suggestion of a battle in the blender is an intriguing one...

@Guesticus and @Darnalak: you're both right --- related and religious too -- similar to Chinese patriarchal religion or Chinese ancestor veneration.

@Dragonrider: Indeed - especially when counting the multiple generations and dimensions...

@Ganurath: Yes, we're seeing the last --- they've carried out ambushes in other dimensions and this one is the last one...
@Guesticus: Argh! I need an editor! Thank you --- corrected!
@awhorl: Thanks awhorl! Glad you liked or were creeped out by that smile! That smile is a window into that guy's soul...

@Ganurath: more to come on that!

@Dragonrider: you got it --- we'll see what her intentions are soon enough

@Guesticus: Yeah, not so much Tirin, but could definitely see Abby --- maybe not beating one to death, but magicking (is that a word?) one to death
@Guesticus: I know, and glad you're still here!!
@Guesticus: Cool, I am glad you are a fan!
@Guesticus: Corrected (sorry folks --- let's just say it's been a long week...) When I look at that panel again I agree --- very Anne Hathawayish --- when the model's expression is neutral it's not, but when smiling or having an excited expression, yes.
@D.D.D. Destroyer: Corrected --- thanks for pointing it out. Oh, and I'm not very good at theory mining/crafting either.

@Guesticus: The Slorn are male -- their method of reproduction is asexual in nature (parthenogenesis), but they still have an infatuation with various female species for some reason...

@Lurker314 and Softspot: Yes, helpful-ish in a self-ish way...

@Dragonrider: I loved Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One! Yes, these two are definitely like her.
@Guesticus: Every Vay owns a slave --- when a Vay is serving time, their slave continues to maintain their master's home, but also help serve other masters (until their master is released). If a Vay dies, the slave is put on the auction block. If the Vay's slave dies, then she can go to the auction block to buy another one.
@Lurker314: Mistress is not the Queen, but for all practical purposes she pretty much is (like a Prime Minister)

@Hank: Haha, one of my favorite movies of all time...

@Lloyd: Thank you so much for your compliments and for voting!!! Glad you like the new direction the story will be going.

@Quarktime: Weird Al is the GREATEST!

@Dragonrider: You mean Salockie (but Queenie could also be on the list too)

@Guesticus: Jerety is Dabney's slave (you wouldn't have known that at this point in the story, just figured I'd clarify) --- can't sell her home, but trashing it is a definite possibility (to the consternation of Dabney)
@Guesticus and @robnot: that happened in the original timeline (she was soul toasted in chapter 3, page 4).
@Ganurath: Assuming the massagers do a decent job, yes, Tirin has developed a nice ally.

@Dragonrider: Somehow the genie lamp made its way to Saronia and perhaps was the origin of Vay magic. Intriguing question regarding Yritai and Samson (I won't say anything about upcoming pages, except that you are not too far off).

@Guesticus: There are no displayed feelings from Yritai or Samson --- yet...
@Ganurath and @Guesticus: That whole Dabney scene was supposed to be a Patreon incentive to explain how Dabney ended up serving her sentence, fighting challengers for various Vay trials --- it was indeed supposed to be Dabney impersonating the Queen to get the deal done between the sheets (because that's how the foreign King demanded it). All Vays detest any coital interactions with foreigners, especially the Queen. So poor Dabney was tasked with this part of the deal. Well, Dabney figured out a different way to seal it without the Queen or Mistress knowing --- until the King's message. Dabney was "punished" for defying Mistress and Queen's direct orders. She would have been executed if the deal ended up going sour...
@Mysto: Yes, indeed!
@E Hines: Gotcha.
@Guesticus: Me too (regarding missing the old models). Too bad the program I used before (Carrara) lost support...
@Guesticus: Wendy died in Chapter 10 (page 29). In this timeline, she is still alive (a little kid).
@Lurker314: Weird to admire your older self and then be sad when you may not see her again...

@ems: you got it --- with nanos or microcyber enhancements or side effects of poor medical therapy, her eye color is just not the same as when she was a kid.

@Dragonrider: you always present so many items / food for thought --- glad to see your posts (hope you're doing well)

@E Hines: are you referring to "If quantum gravity fails, try geometricating the quanta,' or ‘Probability lies at right angles to time.’

@D.D.D.Destroyer: Glad you liked it (that was the effect I was hoping for).

@Guesticus: couldn't agree more re: lil' tirin's view of her older self (Cool, I'm gonna grow up to be a "bad-ass"). We'll see what happens to Dabney soon...
@Guest: Absolutely right. She also has Wendy on her mind ---she feels responsible for her death...
@stormbringer77: Hmm, did you read my script for future episodes? dang!
@podman and @Guesticus and @E Hines: Corrected. thanks! Who says I need an editor --- you guys are fine --- even when I make a mistake you guys come up with justifications for it ("dance her way to a new future" --- haha)
@Guesticus and Ebonbolt: Glad you both liked the expressions of Tirin (little Tirin and Big Tirin's). I am glad they elicited such reactions.

@Fafhred and Guesticus: Well said regarding why books never translate well to movies (especially books that have a special place in one's heart --- no matter what, they just won't translate to the same level in movie-form or mini-series form (all the DUNE ones). That being said, I have enjoyed some movies based on books because they captured the "essence" of the book, like The Fellowship of the Ring.
Can't say that about the Hobbit movies though, unless you're talking about the old animated one from 1977 which I love dearly ("the greaatest adventure is what lies ahead, today and tomorrow are yet to be said...")
@Guesticus: I didn't realize they were such huge fans of Dune. Too bad Frank Herbert didn't like them...