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A geek who loves to create comics with computer software.
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    Steve Cheng
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@Guesticus: You're welcome - glad you liked it!
@Guesticus: Good argument. We'll have to see regarding Felina.
@ems: good question regarding the sleep spell...
@Ganurath: I cannot tell a lie, you're right, but I don't think Ephraim is a fan of Star Wars.
@Tgape: indeed every script is salvageable. I have altered the direction of this story several times in the past based on reader comments and your comment is definitely well-received, but I had already thought about this long and hard --- I even thought about introducing a brand new Vay character to be the "traitor" but decided against this because in my opinion, the most interesting characters are not always the good guys. And if a "bad guy" is not pure evil (like Flin is), there is always the opportunity for redemption. I think I've said too much already --- I don't want to give anything away, but I also don't want readers angry about this choice --- let's just say it would be best to reserve judgement on Felina until after you have read several more upcoming pages...
@Guesticus and @ems: The robots are the kind that the Emperor would choose --- huge, powerful and ornate. But yes, how would they do in battle against a worthy opponent?
@E Hines and @Dragonrider: True, the spell did not specifically target him or Max (if it did, Jarety would have went to sleep and Max would not have).
@E Hines: Agree that one thing's for certain, Jarety knows too much now...
@Ganurath: Jarety is indeed Dabney's personal slave and yes, not too pleased.
@ems: Tirin is thinking that even if she kills the emperor, there will be another to take his place -- someone just as bad, like his son. She's thinking it may be better to have someone powerful in your pocket than not (although riskier too if you can't control him). One can also be "castrated" figuratively with blackmail...
@Guesticus: That's her finger's happy place...
@Guesticus: Time is of the essence for that reason too...
@ems: Yes, she does have the same shade as Violet Beauregarde
@Guesticus: haha, but still the towel slip would require quite a punishment...

@Dragonrider: funny you should mention a duck --- been using a duck model in some Pateron incentives (Howard the Duck lookalike)
Your rhyming skills are spot on.
Nice to know Max is not the only poetic phenom.
(sorry, that didn't quite rhyme did it?)
@Guesticus: Thanks, glad you liked her expression
@Guesticus: He has been a faithful slave to Dabney for a long time, but while she was imprisoned what sort of things could he have gotten himself into?
@Guesticus: An appropriate name, yes.
@ems: Yes! Although if he falls behind during the competition, he may just resort to body slamming.
@Dragonrider and @Guesticus: Hmm...maybe I should change the cover --- such a cover does imply that certain characters are unlikely to die before that point...