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@Kheda and @Eboneye: That's torn it is right! Or should I say mended it? We'll see in the near future.

@Guesticus: Haha - yes, wearing something is a good thing for Tirin, but maybe not for others...

@Karyl: Thank you, Karyl. Greatly appreciate it because I think expressions are so important for this kind of stuff. So glad you like them!

@Mysto and @Guesticus: Excellent observations and guesses --- those are the reactions I was aiming for...
@E Hines: Good questions. Let's say proximity is very important.

@Guesticus: Mirror sees an opprotunity...
@Guesticus: Haha - "come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination..."
That was a GREAT Star Trek episode that I saw as a kid --- it stoked the notion that one tiny person can affect an entire universe like a single drop of water sending ripples that affect an entire ocean --- it's why someone as insignificant as a nurse named Abby can cause a bumbling spy to have a crush on her and neglect his "duties" infiltrating the Empire, leading to a set of missed opportunities that would have changed the whole universe. Let's just say that if he infiltrates the Empire, a set of circumstances eventually lead him to accidentally throw a wrench into the Emperor's quest for time warps and hyperspace travel, ruining years of intensive research / study, setting the Empire back for decades. The Slorn don't need anyone else in the Universe discovering the secret of time travel, so they don't need someone as insignificant as Abby to prevent this from happening.
@Guesticus: I don't watch that show, but I looked up Aida/Ophelia --- yes, she'd be perfect to play Abby (that'd be the day -- Merceneiress the movie or tv series...)
@quarktime: You're right. Thank you for pointing that out!
@Guesticus: Not sure. Only way to find out is to walk in...
@Dean: Indeed. One appendix serves no function, neither does the second, third or fourth.

@guest1: I have heard of "duplicate appendix" or "double" appendix, but I was not aware that some people could have more than 2 (on Earth anyways)! Good to know!
@agedsage: I don't mind. I need someone to keep my grammar in check!
@Guesticus: Yes, you are right -- thank you, will correct.
@Guesticus: Yes, that is dirt (not blood)
@Guesticus: Thanks, Guesticus. Great feedback like yours and everyone else's, has influenced the story quite a bit. Not gonna say how, but know that it has.
@Guesticus: Yeah, I've got an idea of how Abby and Mirror's relationship will go, but the script is not set in stone. Sometimes an idea pops up that changes things. I've thought about "recombination" vs not vs other ways...we'll have to see...

@Lloyd: I have a blast creating and sharing Merceneiress with you and everyone else and an equal blast reading all of your comments. Keep 'em coming! Thanks so much for your kind words!!!
@Guesticus: Hmm, based on your comment, I changed that first line a tiny bit. Hope it sounds better.
@Lloyd: Thanks, Lloyd. I really appreciate your kind words! Like you said, sometimes the look on someone's face conveys an emotion or thought better than words. I am so glad you liked Beau's expression (exactly what I wanted to convey).

@Dean, @E Hines, @Guesticus: Yup the floor is metal and probably very cold (which suits the Slorn just fine, but probably gives goosebumps to the gals wrestling on it).
@Guesticus: No, the script was not changed. This was the original dialogue. You ask the right question --- how far is Beau willing to go?
@Guesticus: Chrissy was referring to them fighting --- not as violent as a Klingon mating ritual.
@Guesticus: I can see your reasoning. But Chrissy's annoyed "not again" statement suggests that these two have been going at it many times in the past. To Chrissy and the Slorn this is just another eyes-roll-up moment --- again?! Weird humans!

@knowmad1976: Haha, just watched a youtube video called the secret of La Chankla --- hilarious! Never knew the potential power of the slipper or flip-flop!
@Lloyd: Laughed - Lethal fuzzy slippers.

@Guesticus: Whatever makes you comfortable when you sleep, eh? Chrissy happens to like that sequin-bikini-sensation when she sleeps.
Mirror is confused and mad for all the reasons you guys listed. Abby has been briefed by Tirin who has been seeing lil' Tirin's "memories" in real time, so Abby does know (although only little bits) about her and Mirror's relationship.

@Guesticus: How did you know it would be three weeks?!