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@Guesticus: It's fair to say that, but not really part of Tirin's plan...
@HSishi: Hi, just to clarify -- the masks/goggles have been modified by Tirin to contain filters that neutralize the nanobots...
@Guesticus: They have little jet boosters in the heals to propel her in the water?

@E Hines: Ah. Krav Maga and Haganah - that's badass!
@D.D.D. Destroyer and @Guesticus: Yeah, it's the lighting and the rendering time was significantly increased with the addition of Beau, but I kind of liked that effect, especially as the nanovapor is being distributed and will be soon taking effect!

@E Hines: You sure know your moves (do you partake in any MMA)?

@Lurker314: is that a reference to Ready Player One? I just read that book - great stuff, can't wait to see the movie.
@xpacetrue and @Guesticus: I will watch the Orville based on what you and Guesticus have said. I also know what you mean regarding Discovery --- but when Number One vulcan-nerve-pinched the Captain I thought, "wow, Spock never would have done that!" But then I thought, "actually he did, but that was evil Kirk." I didn't watch anymore episodes of Discovery. Maybe the Captain was evil?
Hey, now that's quite a compliment! Thanks, Lloyd! I grew up with and loved the original Star Trek too - one of the major influences on me when I was young, as well as Lost in Space (Danger Will Robinson!), Giant Robo, Gamera, Ultraman, Star Blazers, Star Wars, and Kung-Fu Theater (local weekly showings of old martial arts movies). Not to mention the countless comic books I collected, sci-fi novels read, and videogames played (Atari 2600).
@Guesticus: Discovery --- but didn't realize had to pay to see the rest of the episodes. I didn't see the Orville (heard it was funny).
@Lloyd: Haha! by the way, did you watch the new star trek show?

@Guesticus: good advice for Blue --- I agree.
He is not using his full potential (his weight) to damage her squishy organic parts!
@Karyl: Hi Karyl, do you mean the red bands around her knees? It's an interesting costume that is maybe too busy --- with lips, teeth, stars, skulls, etc, but it just screams garish and I like that. Rob said it best on previous page --- like a Tank Girl outfit (if you're familiar with that comic).
@Guesticus: Yes, you may have more, Oliver. I can make another Wendy incentive for next month. For those of you who can afford it, you can also see more Wendy and others on Patreon (at much larger size and resolution)! (sorry, shameless plug).
@Guesticus: no comment on Beau, except to say, yes --- something secret (whether good or bad we'll have to see). Ha, yeah "Al" is right.

@ems: yup, you're much more observant than Tasmin (regrding the pipes). A rumble is coming in the future, you are right...
@Guesticus: Yeah, you did call it regarding the gassiness of the Guardians.
Just to clarify, I've modified panel 7 a bit.
@Guesticus: You're right, I never posted this version of Felina --- found it in the archives and decided to use it. Red doesn't know what's coming to her...
@Guesticus: She does look like her doesn't she (in panel 6) - haha! Hey, I can't see the youtube video you linked.

@ems, E Hines, Guesticus: If Abby's thought process is not too clouded by Mirror's then she will realize, yes, revenge will be sweet, but meaningless if time is changed. The question is whether Abby will realize this...
@Ganurath: Haha! Abby's gravitational pull has intensified greatly indeed.

@ems: Heehee! Bikini girls who can dopplegang should have a place somewhere! Anyways, Dabney was being punished, so her outfit may not have been of her choosing...

@Zatoichi: Thank you so much for your kind comments! Glad you are enjoying the story so far!

@Guesticus: You're right about it being Mirror's world - she can have a sofa for guest Dabney that perhaps has some qualities to hold her there too (not that she could really go anywhere in the mirror, but hey, just in case). You got that right, in terms of Mirby Mistress.

@rob: yup, you got it. Mirror probably would have done away with Dabney, but Abby's got other plans for the bikini-clad doppleganger...
@Guesticus: Haha. I didn't realize she has had 4 different beds... I've noticed that when I place a new vote incentive at beginning of the month, it seems to have a higher rating temporarily anyways. I think there is a proportion of readers who like to see new incentives, so if I get them to vote at the beginning of month, Merceneiress keeps a higher rank...
@D.D.D. Destroyer: Thanks for the correction and for being patient --- I need to proofread better...

@Guesticus: I stuck with "tracker," but you're right "tracer" would have worked too.
@Zimriel: Haha -- good one - love that scene