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Just a comment on Tirin's choices once Sariel's story is done --- I don't even know for sure what it will be --- I have a general idea of where the plot is going, but the small details on how to get there, especially in this kind of situation, is wide open. What's nice about reading your comments is getting a general sense of what you guys think might happen --- I must admit I have incorporated ideas suggested in the comments in the past, some even changing the path of the plot. So keep 'em coming!
@Ganurath: Yup. She never liked him in the first place and him being promoted above her was the straw that broke the camel's back.

@Dragonrider and Guesticus: Siresha just loves leather --- and that particular outfit is her favorite --- she has at least 3 versions of it made from 3 different types of leather . This one is made of Trazierian leather, not as shiny as the one she wore before which was Hiborian leather.
@Guesticus: don't know for sure, but it's hard to pull a fast one on you.

@ems: Your guess is pretty good.

@binno5: didn't want to give it away, but I think Guesticus has a good idea.
@Ganurath: haha definite possibility

@Dragonrider: Agree that lil Tirin is nastier with her magic skills...but as Softspot pointed out --- if she has the magic skills, won't big Tirin have 'em too?

@Feanor: I love your Critic's Corner --- thank you so much!

@Guest (?Guesticus): Haha --- STSV, love it. The Tirin in the vote incentive is actually the same one as in the comic, but her muscles are dialed up a bit and the hair is different.

@Sam: hee hee - yeah, Billy the heartthrob...

@awhorl: great questions which shall be answered --- we shall see how her rescue affects her final decision on what next (and whether Sariel accepts it or not...)

@robnot: the one in this panel is actually a cut out (like a cardboard cut out). Wasn't sure if it would work, but she's way in the back...
@SoftSpot: No, you aren't confusing things a huge lot...
@awhorl: I think the flags represent sectors of the more dominant dimensions that they have conquered (the stripes representing individual dominant dimensions that were particularly difficult). If Sariel ever pops up in our dimension, we'll need to ask her...

Guesticus: Hmm --- ok... coming up.
@Dragonrider: It's one of the temples...we'll learn more soon about the membership requirements.

@Guesticus: Yes, in another dimension, she lets her hair grow out a bit

@Lloyd: They don't think so...but that is what every self-righteous thinks...

@Ganurath: That was a great game! Likely an unconscious influence in my choice of portrait frames...
@Jenny Everywhere: There you go! Thank you too for the information - very educational.
@Jenny Everywhere: Wow! I thought I made that name up! Goes to show how powerful the subconscious can be (must have heard it or read it somewhere). Thank you for the reference --- after reading it I thought not a bad choice.
@Lurker314: Details of the quest is coming -- we'll see how Tirin reacts then...

@Dragonrider: Tirin's got her poker face on --- difficult to tell what she thinks, but I like the goals you have in mind --- pretty close to what Tirin wants.

@Guesticus: Love how malleable Abby's face is -- fits with her character (readily expresses her emotions on her face unlike Tirin).
@Ganurath: I was originally going to have her say "Tirinites Unite" but "All Hair Tirin Prime" sounded less corny.

@Dragonrider: know Tirin well don't you...

@ems: Thanks - that's what I was going for.

@Lurker314: Haha, I was thinking of something similar for her to proclaim, like "All Hail the Twatorus Cataractizak" but I didn't want to do that...

@Guesticus: Ahh, good point -- just when you thought Torel was bad, get a load of Sariel...

@robnot: I was thinking of using something similar for Lil' Tirin's journey towards becoming a sorceress -- like Lynch's Gom Jabbar scene - she would stick her hand in Mistress Salock's box and have her hand melted --- the PAAIIN!

@jayhawke: now that would be a great scene --- especially Kyle Maclachlan's Paul (nothing against Kyle)

@Caplinger: Tirin thanks you --- that is the best compliment she has ever received (looking eminently hail-able)

@Ice Raven: Glad you like!!
@Feanor: Your comment had me laughing madly, channeling Kenneth McMillan's Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. You think I would have come up with an all powerful spice that folds time by myself?! Totally done in tribute and glad no one accused me of stealing (cause in no way was I intending that --- purely a tribute). All of the stuff in this comic are tributes to all the stuff that influenced me as a child, teenager. Stuff still influences me greatly as an adult. Where do you think I got dimension hopping from? Rick and Morty of course! haha --- not just that --- tons of other influences dealing with multi-dimensions and time. You mentioned Tolkien --- huge influence.

Ugh, actually, my stomach still churns a little thinking about that Harkonnen scene from the movie.

Long live the Readers!!!!

Thanks for the comments! I wish Androssian Prophecy was still going too.
@Guesticus: That's quite a compliment! Thank you (Abby (Mirby) appreciates it)

@Ganurath and @Dragonrider: It flows uphill, downhill and radially - consistent with hit the fan theory.

@Lurker314: You got it...

@ems: Thanks - proud to know that Merceneiress has readers who are familiar with percolation theory!

@Hank: Yes! May the 4th be with you too! Playing some Star Wars Battlefront 2 to celebrate...

@SoftSpot: Dang, again really proud that I have readers that are friggin' smart!

@Guesticus and @Dragonrider: I didn't make it explicit yet, but yes, they are currently in Dimension Prime (Sariel hints at it in the previous page where she says the time syndicate in all other dimensions have already been destroyed).
@Ganurath: Yup!
@Continuity: I did have a panel for that, but didn't include it --- good idea to release it as an incentive though. Coming up.
@Lurker314: True - if a cheesy escape was in the plot, it would happen during the monologue...

@awhorl: he is definitely thinking of dropping down the vortex, but it would suck him in the direction of Sariel's sword, so he might decapitate himself --- although your suggestion of a battle in the blender is an intriguing one...

@Guesticus and @Darnalak: you're both right --- related and religious too -- similar to Chinese patriarchal religion or Chinese ancestor veneration.

@Dragonrider: Indeed - especially when counting the multiple generations and dimensions...

@Ganurath: Yes, we're seeing the last --- they've carried out ambushes in other dimensions and this one is the last one...
@Guesticus: Argh! I need an editor! Thank you --- corrected!
@awhorl: Thanks awhorl! Glad you liked or were creeped out by that smile! That smile is a window into that guy's soul...

@Ganurath: more to come on that!

@Dragonrider: you got it --- we'll see what her intentions are soon enough

@Guesticus: Yeah, not so much Tirin, but could definitely see Abby --- maybe not beating one to death, but magicking (is that a word?) one to death
@Guesticus: I know, and glad you're still here!!
@Guesticus: Cool, I am glad you are a fan!