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Updated the page with one more panel at end of page (in preparation for next)...
@ems: hee hee - let's just say you have an excellent point...

@Guesticus: For someone like Etrusillion who "knows everything," might as well let him know it all...

@E Hines: All of you guys have excellent points...
@Guesticus: Only the finest leather for Santa!
@Guesticus: Haha! Stumpy Claws! Good one!

@ems: Portals galore!

@Sleel: Yeah, you're right...but you never know...

@quarktime: I knew someone would ask!
There are 30 hours in their day, so 15 at the top of the clock (in this particular part of the universe). So "10 o'clock" to Beau would be equivalent to about 8 o'clock on our 12 hour clock (assuming Beau is standing in the middle of the clock with her front facing 12). I didn't want to use a 12 hour clock being that this is supposed to be in some other galaxy far far away with some other sun that likely has some other rotation pattern. I guess "Rear" is a bit redundant...
@Kiddeagle: haha good one
@Guesticus: Ahh I see!
@Kiddeagle: nice mirror mirror
@Guesticus: yes, fecked could be the Battlestar Galactica version of frak.
@rob: Thanks! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving too!
@Guesticus: P.S. I redid the vote incentive, taking into account gravity (and no cyberenhancement)
@Guesticus: Haha -- regarding Abby's gravity defying scene -- let's say that in the future, one of the most popular cybernetic enhancements is the one that prevents unwanted sagging in various parts of the body for both men and women...

@Ganurath: Yup --- that's what I wanted to convey without going off on too much of a tangent regarding their relationship --- actually, the panels from page 4 were from a few scenes that I had done for Patreon patrons, elaborating on their relationship.
@Ganurath: Indeed
@Guesticus: She didn't!
@Ganurath: Aha!
@ems: Regarding why the other time enforcers and Slorn were not in full blown suits like Beau --- you're assuming Beau is in league with the Slorn or the other enforcers. She's not. But why the hell is she going against the plan then? Well, that answer is coming up.

@Guesticus: True -- Beau is not aware of Abby's merger. Good question regarding the gun...
@Brianna Ort: Thank you! I was thinking of cutting the page in half, but thought better of it. Your compliment just affirmed my decision.

@Guesticus and @Sable: At the very least, it would make one helluva Halloween costume!

@Feanor: Yup, Abby cleaned her face with a magic cloth.

@Jarin and osty789: I think Billy can't help it --- his mind probably cycles at top speed. This coupled with an incessant need for satisfaction leads to such questions. As with any kid/teen, he needs to learn restraint --- I think girls mature faster than boys in this respect.
I absolutely agree that the armor was so well designed. I have to give credit to the artist who made it. An artist named "Kool" on It was perfect for lil' Tirin. There are other versions that would make it not very functional and also not appropriate for a little kid.
Kurt Russell has had some badass roles in his lifetime, but his portrayal of Elvis was my favorite.
@Guesticus: It's fair to say that, but not really part of Tirin's plan...
@HSishi: Hi, just to clarify -- the masks/goggles have been modified by Tirin to contain filters that neutralize the nanobots...