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A geek who loves to create comics with computer software.
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    Steve Cheng
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@Guesticus: Tried to convey their reactions to the Emperor's idea of a stimulating encounter (hope it came across)...
@Guesticus: haha, but isn't Joan such a great actress? Love her work.
@Guesticus: Ed Norton or John Cusack too!
@Mark_L_A: Oh yeah! Nic Cage would be great as the emperor!
@Guesticus: Yup, right you are! This version was rendered with a different rendering mode (Iray).
@MikeLinPA: more good thoughts...
@Carnifex: Interesting...
@Otto: Thank you kindly!
@MikeLinPA: Thank you!
@FilledWithLoveAndEvil: Haha! Your names are way better! (They are just numbered poses from a set called Z Femme Mystique --- pose 3, pose 5, etc).
@robnot: Yup, you got it!
@Guesticus: You know --- you just spurred my imaginary cells --- hmm...
@Guesticus: Dabney is playing Felina, but not permanently, just for now...
@Kylo Stimpy: Regarding why they're in the breaker room --- addressed in the next page. I'd love to see your fan art (because that is Dabney in doppleganger form).
@Darek: Thank you! What would I do without you guys?
@Guesticus: I believe he's referring to our favorite emperor.
@Guesticus: You got it.
@karaz: Thank you! You made my day!
@Guesticus: Flin's was a different one. The portals are exceptional work by two artists named ilona and j-art.
@Guesticus: Ahh, you noticed! Had to change it to reflect future pages...