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An artist with plans to start a webcomic in the coming future.
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September 19th, 2018
Now the pages after this will be recent!
September 19th, 2018
The first 2 pages were made back in January, after them everything is brand new. :)
God I just binge read this whole thing and have to say it's absolutely amazing. I love the way you do Grim's eyes, they're so beautiful and mesmerizing. And the grotesqueness of Gluttony is really well done. Love this <3
Name: Christian Gallent
Nickname: Mint
Age: 27
Height: 6'3''
Ethnicity: African American
Top/Bottom/Switch: Bottom (open to topping)
Occupation: Stage hand

Talents: Advanced skills with handy work including technical wiring and setting up show displays. He's good with matching the mood during performances, and has an obsession doing perfect work. He's a natural pacifist, and known to handle conflicts or problems between people extremely well. Also a great listener, even so to accidentally eavesdrop on conversations.

Personality: Christian is like a mellow cat, with an equally relaxed outlook on the world. He takes things as they come, and keeps a considerably high amount of tolerance reserved for people. But that doesn't make him an easy target for manipulation or teasing, in fact, he's more than likely to dish it back and has a rather well built defence. Christian enjoys humming, and dancing to jazz in his own time, even while working but would never professionally do it. He prefers to be in the background, and loves assisting in bringing the spotlight to the performers of Moonlight Orchid. He thinks of them as family, and is accepting of each and everyone.

Additional: Occasional help with serving clients, and has a fear of failure
You could say Lee has moles /everywhere/.

Uncensored version is on our discord in case any raring, wonderful artists decide to join this fun trip. ;)
Name: Lee Brock
Nickname: Shortie
Age: 23
Height: 5'5''
Ethnicity: German/American
Top/Bottom/Switch: Switch (amateur at bottoming)
Occupation: Client / Photographer

Talents: Photographic memory, extremely perceptive to emotions and actions of people, good with technology (particularly cameras and mobile devices), photography mainly pertaining landscapes, environments and people

Personality: Lee is... difficult to manage. He's softly spoken despite appearances, incredibly quiet, and more of a show than tell type of person. Someone who doesn't find much entertainment in conversation, unless it's about things he personally enjoys. Otherwise he keeps to himself and simply watches people, especially the performers at Moonlight Orchid while indulging in drinks at the bar. Lee has a tendency to NOT listen to rules, even to the point of committing minor crimes, at times. But would never intentionally go beyond to end up in jail.

Additional: Has an irrational fear of birds, and contacting family.
I'm extremely tempted to join this... mind holdin a spot for a client? :>
I've been following this series since you started it and honestly, I love it. The style is somewhat of a cute look but, one that would really mesh well with horror and gore?? So good job on that, I'm seriously looking forward to what you have :D
Honestly I hope he ends up topping. :')
January 27th, 2017
I spot a Transfusions and Autophobia ha- least I think so about the former.
A shame, I really liked this comic.
June 27th, 2016
I can't explain why, but I really like the way you've done this page! :>
April 16th, 2016
Completely off-topic but... I admire the way you draw salivated mouths. <3
You spoil us with all of these updates :>
I have to say I'm very smitten with your artstyle! It's a joy when I see you've updated this lovely comic!

Poor Ash, that smile is very irresistible ;p
Omg I love the role reversal, please continue~
Psst, forgot Arco's piercing in the top panel. But what a lovely page it is~
I just imagine Brynn imitating a purr when Arco does that lmao
I think this is...probably my favourite page so far.