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18 | f | bi

Hi, I'm Noche Tenebri (or just Noche), and I'm a known cryptid.

My main comic effort is Misadventures of a Skydancer at the moment, in a (probably fruitless) attempt to beat my executive dysfunction back with a broomstick.

My sprite comic account is ReZoSprites.

Very inactive on the comic front here because I'm a massive procrastinator (who probably has ADHD), but I'm trying.

Wanna chat with me? PM me for my Discord account. Let me know who you are when you add me because I have trust issues.
[curb your enthusiasm theme plays]
So, uh...hey everybody. I guess I'm back now? Probably not for very long. Maybe for just this one strip. I guess you guys know I'm still alive now.

Well, this comic has turned out to be a complete disaster, hasn't it? It's ended up more of a testament to my horrendous executive dysfunction and lack of focus and a time capsule of my art evolution over the years than it has a "diary comic" like I was originally intending. But oh well. I guess it just be like that sometimes.

Real talk though, I've been really wrapped up in other things and, well, I'd say I "don't have time" to update this comic, but it's more like all the other stuff I'm currently involved in has distracted me enough that I honestly kind of forget this comic even exists until something brings up the memory in my head. That said, I think I'm just going to officially announce this:

There is no way in HELL this is going to be a daily comic anymore.

If I'm keeping this to any consistent schedule at all, it's probably going to be, like...weekly. Maybe bi-weekly. I dunno. I'll update the cover in a bit. Whatever man, I'm tired.

...So yeah, I still exist. I'm just a cryptid.
it has been over a year and this is still one of the funniest damn things i've ever drawn and/or written
So a few weeks ago I had to take the PSAT, right? Obviously it sucked and my brain fizzled out halfway through, but that's not the main focus here. The main focus is that while I was working on the answer sheet with my social worker sitting next to me, of all songs to start playing over the intercom, they started playing fucking Sandstorm.

I felt my grip on this mortal plane slipping.
Hey, guess what? I'm trying this comic again! Watch, I'll update this only one more time before going into hiding for another year or two. Lmao.

Nobutsrsly, I'm going to try to whip myself back into shape for actually doing this thing. I have online school now so I have a fair bit more free time to work with, but idk how well I'll still be able to work on this. Executive function, who?
Panel 8 is me
"Shitpost: The Comic" is definitely an accurate description of this nonsense. I love it.
Yeah, I'm on the Pharmercy train. Lmao.
As someone who thinks she'll probably end up being a Mei main, this strip made my day.
Nice that we get a ref for Mojo's outfit outside of the game here.
This Shadow Man and his haiku awesome. Just what I'd imagine from the guy!
Among my favorite pages in MM2
This comic is about a narrative universe I've had for two years now. Each Chapter will cover the main events of the universe, while Arcs are for character development and minor things like that. Basically, Arcs are just sub-stories that I feel like telling.

First page will be uploaded on Saturday!
My favorite page in MM1.

This is me fighting any boss ever
The true nemesis of artists...

Sorry I stopped updating! Not much was happening in my life when I stopped, and then I just forgot about it. I have a backlog of comics I could draw now, so a few more days' updates are ready.

Also, I got glasses.
Recently, I lost a friend due to a myriad of different things I was doing that I didn't even realize were wrong. They chewed me up and spit me out before I decided I was too much of a fuck-up and they didn't deserve me. This has taken a huge chunk out of my self-esteem, making me think even less of myself than I already did, and caused me to develop trust issues and paranoia.

Now, whenever one of my friends doesn't respond to something I sent them, I'm afraid that I fucked up and they'll be the next person I'll have to leave, and/or they hate me and are pretending to like me to keep me happy.

I'm scared and shaky and I don't know if I can even keep talking to people after this. Help me.
Sorry I didn't update yesterday. I forgot about it and we had a bit of a wi-fi crisis that killed our Internet for half of the day.

Anyway, walking all the way from the west wing of the high school building to the nearby freshman campus within ten to twelve minutes is probably the most agonizing thing I have ever had to do. It doesn't help that my bookbag is ridiculously heavy...
God, I love bunnies. They're some of my favorite animals. So to spot one on my way to Dollar General is a really, really good thing for me.

I also saw a dead mole on the sidewalk on my way back. How it got there, I have no idea.