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Something tells me whatever comes next would scare even Skye..Oh, crap, is that how you spell his name? D: So tired... *dies*
Ah... The colours green and red come to mind; the smell of turkey; blurry Christmas lights; the feeling of dish soap all up my arms and down my shirt and in my lap as I sing drunken Christmas carols and wash dishes...
Poor Evee. T_T She's far too adorable to be treated like crap!
XD Upon first glance, in that last panel, it looks like he's crossing his legs.
Ooooh... who'zat? =O?

There is no one word I could use to sum Thomas up... But I could try with a bunch of 'em. >.O
O_O Oh dear.

Poor Trish... He does look so cute in this lovely predicament, though. X3
XD I thought he meant psychologically at first. Teehee.
Poor Jack. XD It's so funnyyy, though!
It's so cuuuuuuuuute~~~