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i'm just a person... I think.
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    Master O' MicrosoftPaint
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He's gonna get a text/call from Wyatt with the simple message of "I have a scratch."
Hiro NOOOOO! Energy is important... Takashi walk yo arse right back

Awe thank you for the page <3!
What an absolute beauty ;4
@ObsidianvsYurei: Thank you, Trash-senpai

(Thank you trash-senpai)
OMFG xD for a second I misread the "GRAB" as "GRIND" xDDD
He's beaaaaautiful <3


Please take your time ^^ I'll always be waiting ouo
crushies! =v=

*first comment?*

I want to re-read this comic every time it updates.
I'm just so excited this comic is back! I almost fainted when I saw it updated <3 I was just worried, as many said, if you were alright ;w;!!!!

*re-reads the comic again*
"Listen here buddy, I haven't slept in who knows how many days, and you're telling me you don't even want to date anymore?"
I agree! Kyaaa >w<!
@EliseArainai: i'm from PA too! Spring is so temperamental :')
I like how the scar on his mouth looks like a cheek. :T
Every time this updates I make a horrifying squeal. So, thank you.