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Oh my god, you referenced Kenny!

You're awesome!
I think Jolteon's body disappeared in the second panel.
Are those Entercards? The ones that form magnagates?
Technically, Rat didn't beat the Raichu. It fainted to the poison. If Venus didn't poison it beforehand, there is no way Rat could've beaten his own evolved form.
Of course, Kenny makes a dirty joke. But hey, that's just how he makes me smile! XD
@chaos-of-vinnie: Foster's Home for Boxed Pokemon. Where good friends are not forgotten.
Forgettable? Always just sort of there? Not doing much??? Not to mention getting beaten up all the time?

Rat and Kenny McCormick would get along famously. (I personally don't think Kenny's forgettable. But I'm sure his creators look at him that way.)
Is it wrong that I feel kinda bad for Shockbuddy? It's not fair that Raichu always has to lose to Pikachu. At least in this case, there's more of a reason why that is, but still... I just hope that Rat becomes a badass Raichu later on.
@Stanger7: No, I mean physical gender differences. Y'know, how male Raichus have sharper tails than females. I know that there are both males and females of Pokemon in this series, I was more referring to visible differences.
@VelvetRainbow: You don't even know if Shockbuddy is a boy or a girl! (given that gender differences don't exist in Gen 1 apart from the Nidos.)
I ship them so much. XD
Piplup and Snivy?
That was my team in Super Mystery Dungeon. I was the Snivy, and my partner was a Piplup. If you could squeeze them in, possibly wearing the Harmony Scarves, I would be extremely grateful.
@SkunkWitch: Nah, this Pikachu is female.
@PrimevalDragon: Oh he'll become important and evolve. Remember the cover? Raichu's on it, that must mean that Rat will evolve into Raichu.
@Unclever title: I just hope that DT won't refuse to evolve like Pikachu did. (Love your avatar, btw. Ollie's the best!)
@Visitor: Unless DT refuses to evolve. I mean, I see Electric Shock Showdown written all over this.
@Liokora: Charmander = Agumon
Charmeleon = Greymon
Charizard = Metalgreymon
Mega Charizard X/Y = Wargreymon
Oh, for the love of Arceus...
Squishy... please be okay...
PLZ!!! T_T
Also, is this why the chapter is titled "Separations?" If so, this was a really cruel way for it to make sense.
Charmander...digivolve to...Charmeleon!
@Ninja: This is Kanto, so I sincerely doubt that he has a Lotad, Lombre, or Ludicolo. As for me, I'm hoping he has a Vileplume so Atty can see Weed's potential.