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August 31st, 2016
It's from their mum, right? everyone's theories seem really good and would especially make sense if the letter is from their mum : she would want Harvey to know that it's okay and that Cort is doing fine in his current situation. But maybe Harv is sick of staying quiet...? I really don't know but I can't wait!!
this probably doesnt make sense to anyone aha but I'm really glad Jamie doesnt have much of an Adam's Apple because trans representation yes!!!
why are they all so perfect *cries in bird language* (idek)
omg is that a reference to TFIOS cuz if it is, fck, was not ready
What can I say that everyone hasn't said already aha, she's absolutely stunning, whoa feathers everywhere, the SIDE BRAID NO, where's the dad?¿?¿ Gorgeous page, can't wait for the update!!
Well what a display of maturity from everyone here, except Spence but meh; what can you do. Maybe the "just talking" thing will throw him off for a bit and he'll actually calm down...
Thanks for the update, as always it's amazing!
Ow this is heartbreaking. Loving the expressions on their faces!!
oooh the Truth™ is almost revealed! Can't wait haha
fuck are they scary. Gives me goosebumps just looking at them haha, great job. Looking forward to the next update! :-)
Glad to see Cort take action but a bit worried about all the legal stuff that's going on in his life..hope this doesn't come bite him in the ass!
Rennie <3 I have such a crush on her and Ian both hehe
small apple!:D love that town~
also loved young Gannet's hair, kinda reminded me of Sasuke's :D so cool!
Happy birthday!! hope I'm not too late ;V;
Been loving this comic for a long time now, amazing! Also as a fellow ginger, I feel connected to Ian aha
nice angle on the last panel!
the pout!!!
he's such a dork aha cute
your comments on each page are a work of art -i particularly enjoyed the penis jokes. Penis jokes : my favorites!
*silently praying for a goodnight kiss*
@Murderhorse: yeah it is ^^
wow what a way to get your guy back i mean wouldn't work on me but if it works for yuko then you do you!
aah i want a cuddle now ;o;